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How to Flood Your Pipeline with Leads - PPC That Actually Works

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If you are curious how to flood your pipeline with leads from prospects who are reaching out to you because they are looking for a home for sale, than this post is for you. I have many friends who are realtors and also friends who run internet marketing agencies with huge success. 

In fact, one of my realtor friends started working with a PPC manager who was nominated for the Best PPC campaign in the country by the US Search Awards. Only 8 companies were chosen out of thousands of entries. While they were not the winner, beating out thousands of other agencies to hit the top 8 is quite remarkable in its own right. So he choose to allow this gentleman to manage his account.

Google Adwords - Does it Work? 

Absolutely! Google anything pertaining to a realtor and I guarantee you'll find ads. Every realtor on this earth isn't proudly throwing money away. Fact is, it does work when done properly! 

Maybe it hasn't worked for you. It hasn't worked for me! However, that is like a typical homeowner saying selling their house didn't work. They are not the professionals. Maybe they priced the property wrong by failing to look at comps. Maybe they didn't market the property good. Maybe they showed the house with too much emotional attachment. 

The bottom line is, something you leave to the pros. Online PPC advertising does work when done properly. It is all about the ROI. If you are getting leads for under $5.00 and they are exclusive, chances are, your ROI will be positive. If not, it may be time for a career change! 

This online Google Adwords training course was built to deliver an exceptional ROI by the guy who manages my realtor friends account. Use the link in this post for 30% off!! I told him I'd write about it, as I felt it could be of value to all realtors on this platform.

In fact, he managed a PPC campaign for a realtor and got the exclusive leads for under $5.00. This was in a popular geographical location as well. West Palm Beach, FL.  In fact, so many leads were generated, the realtor had a new problem. 

One of the keys are finding long-tail keywords with buyer intention. There are 3 kinds of searches according to my friend. Informational seeking. Comparison. Buying. You want the buyers. Most advertisers focus on the informational seeking. For instance, if you typed realtor in Google. Who knows what kind of property you are looking for and when you are looking to buy. 

However, if you typed in: Parkland Golf and Country Club 4 bedroom homes for sale - You can instantly gather where that person is looking to buy, what type of home, their budget, AND that click would be cheaper because it is "off the beaten path". There are thousands of long-tail keywords with buyer intention occuring daily in your area. Most campaigns fail when you utilize broad terms that everyone of your competitors is targeting. Here's one. Realtor. (Then segmented to serve your geographical area). But that is a money pit and can be why your online PPC campaign is failing. 

My friend is currently segmenting the list according to when the prospect is looking to buy a property. Here are the choices:

  1. Buying Immediately
  2. Buying Within the Next Month
  3. One to Three Months
  4. 6 Months+

Obviously each of these categories deserve a different amount of attention. You can further break down the list by desired price range. You may think, wow. This is a fantastic problem to have. Indeed, it is. 

However, some realtors are afraid of the costs associated with hiring a professional pay per click manager that actually delivers results. These guys are expensive. It can run anywhere from $750.00 to over $5,000.00 per month to hire a professional that delivers results. But if you are closing 4-7 new deals a month, it is no problem. In fact, many are happy to cut that check as it is the most critical part of their operation.

For some, it is best to master this skill-set for themselves. You do not need to worry about putting your hard earned money in a strangers hand who claims to be a professional. It is a skill-set worth pursuing as should you have extreme success, you will need to hire more realtors and keep generating more leads. You can learn more about that course here. Organizing them properly and working them according to when the prospect is looking to pull the trigger is key. 

If you know anyone who is seeking information on a reverse mortgage I'd appreciate you sharing our website with them in exchange for this game-changing information! If you just don't want to deal with taking the learning course, my realtor friend said his guy can manage campaigns that are NOT in his area. So just leave a comment if you'd like him to reach out to you!

What has been your experience with running a PPC campaign?

Compass - La Jolla, CA
San Diego Partner - The Private Client Network

Andrew I had much more success running PPC in my mortgage days. Now that keyword cost has escalated over the past 10 years I'm at $15-$20 per click for my area. I run $2,000 a month but that's it it's time to diversify my marketing.

Dec 20, 2015 04:17 AM
Andrew Kleinmann
Shop Reverse Mortgages - Boynton Beach, FL
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Good Morning Joy Bender it is currently over $50.00 for some keywords in the mortgage industry! That is why it is key for long-tail buyer intention keywords. I am taking the course from udemy that I linked too and learning so much. I know of a mortgage broker getting exclusive leads for $20-$25...however, they are off the beaten path keywords that most don't think of!  

Dec 20, 2015 09:51 PM