Is Now a Good Time to Sell?

Real Estate Agent

Of course.  Every season has its pros and cons of selling.  Some might say summer is bad because there are so many houses for sale that the competition is tough.  On the other hand some (generally, most people) might say summer is a great time to sell because there are so many people looking to buy.  Two perspectives of the same market.

You can always find reasons to sell or not to sell – it just depends on your perspective.

Now is a good time to sell because…

There are fewer houses on the market

People who are buyers are serious buyers

Prices are up from last year at this time

Mortgage interest rates are still low

Life happens and you need to sell now

A key to selling a home at any time of the year is the right price.  A good agent will work with you to set a fair market price so that you can sell your home in a good time frame for the best price.  So when you are thinking of selling your home, make sure you ask the prospective real estate agent how they establish a fair market price.

Prepared by Nancy Van Pelt

Real Estate Broker



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