Holiday Home Selling: What to Expect if you are a Seller?

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Selling a home is not that easy especially for the Holidays- Usually when you aska an agent if this is a good time to list your home. They would say that it is absolutely fine since you would know when a buyer is serious or not. It might be true in some sense but in reality it is not.


Some sellers insist on leaving their homes on the market, regardless, and that's OK, too. The deciding factors depend on local custom, on what neighbors are doing and how real estate activity is viewed by others during the holiday season in your area. Every town is different.


Still, decreased inventory over the occasions implies less competition. Be that as it may, when the pool of purchasers drops, the remaining parity of inventory won't not have much effect. In parts of the nation where it snows, buyers mull over packaging up in substantial coats, boots and gloves to walk through snow banks to go take a look at homes when they'd rather go out shopping or staying at home at the fireplace 


Here are some things that might happen:


1. First time Homebuyers might think that you are desperate.

2. The offers receive will be low ball offers

3. Showing a home during the Holidays might be a hassle if given short notice

4. You are appealing with a small pool of buyers that might have a very specific need. Well that does not happen often though


If you decide you cannot live through a holiday seasons without decorating your home, at least keep the decorations to a minimum. Don't block or cover up important selling features such as fireplace mantels, stairs, stained-glass windows. Consider hiring a home stager to do home staging with the buyer in mind.


What you also need is a realtor that will devote much attention to marketing your home. Our team specializes in selling homes regardless of the season. We have a stronger approach that makes us work differently than other Real Estate Companies. call us now at 7183187228 at Nevada Realty Connection. Log on to ur website at

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