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Auction Marketing and the Current Real Estate Market

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Todays real estate market is obviously not like it was a couple short years ago.  people from all walks of life left their long term jobs or cam right out of college for the "big bucks" and casual lifestyle of the Realtor.  Then, things took a dive and not only were the Agents frantically scrambling to find their next listing but also to find any potential Buyer to buy the many listings that they already have....languishing on the MLS.

We created a solution to help you!  How would you like to get paid the same commission percentage you currently have when the property sells at auction?  How would you like get paid 2% for simply bringing a Buyer to our auction sale.

We tried to address this issue and problem that faces all of us today from the Realtor to the Buyers and Sellers to the Auctioneers.  We have come up with a simple solution as long as Agents can think outside the box they were taught in and be creative.  Agents need to realize that sometimes its better to step back or even aside and let someone else help them.  Can you think outside the box?

Buyers are feeling confused about the state of the market.  There are too many choices for people to look at and they dont know what will happen if they buy today at $??? and its worth $$$ less tomorrow!  These people don't even make an offer because they have analysis paralysis!  Would you like ready and able Buyers?

The Auction Method of Marketing alleviates these fears to a degree because they (Buyers) can do their homework on specific properties.  They can establish their own top price and bid up to that amount.  They already know the rules and the terms.  They are ready willing and able Buyers. 

The Sellers are even more happy because they can feel comfortable that they are in control.  Buyers compete against Buyers, not Sellers.  There are No Commissions or Transfers to pay.  The property sells in a couple weeks and closes 30 days after with no contingencies.  There are no unnecassary open houses or showings.

What is your Clients Time Value of Money?  How about yours?  How much time, energy and money are you wasting dealing with that property?

Call me or email me if you are interested in getting paid on that long listed property that most likely will expire or be withdrawn soon.   www.tracauctions.com