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You already know that home inspections are a regular part of the home buying process. But what about the property glitches your inspector doesn't see, like the sewer pipes under the house? And we all know that an excavation or raw sewage clean-up bill can cost a home buyer thousands of dollars out of pocket. Sewer pipeline inspections help buyers avoid a costly mistake. As part of the home inspection checklist, let us look over your pipes to ensure your family is protected from unknown sewer issues.

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An Invaluable Service for Real Estate Clients

With Pipe Spies’ video sewer pipeline inspection, your clients receive a printed or digitized report along with a video of the inspection. This serves as absolute documentation of the pipe’s condition. Pipe Spies’ high-tech video cameras can “snake” through the interior of the pipeline from an access point inside or just outside the home to the point that the line connects with the city’s main. That represents the entire length of pipe that is the home owner’s responsibility. More and more, experienced REALTORS® recommend a sewer pipeline inspection along with a standard home inspection as part of the due diligence process.  If you are a REALTOR®, call us today to schedule your client’s sewer pipeline inspection.


Why Do You Need a Sewer Pipe Inspection?

Most home buyers don’t always check the underground sewer pipelines. However, just like a shingles on the house or furnace in the basement, buyers are liable to maintain their property, including the sewer line to the city main. Further, repairing a sewer pipeline can cost thousands of dollars in excavation, pavement restoration, and clean-up fees for raw sewage. Most costs aren’t covered by insurance. Isn’t it best that you know your risk before you buy? Savvy consumers are discovering the importance of obtaining a camera video pipeline inspection with an independent company that utilizes high-quality equipment (not all cameras are the same).  By doing so, they gain an honest evaluation of their sewer pipe work's condition and can make informed decisions, empowering them to be in the driver's seat if a true issue needs to be addressed.

Every General Inspection Should Include an Independent Video Pipeline Inspection

ASHIWhether the home is in an older neighborhood or a new one, there are many things that can cause sewer pipe problems. Most problems cannot be identified by a simple test of  flushing the toilets and drains to determine the condition of the main sewer. Give yourself the opportunity to save potentially thousands of dollars on sewer pipeline repairs by making sure that you include a video inspection of the pipeline as part of the home buying process. More and more, experienced Home Inspectors recommend an independent sewer pipeline inspection along with a standard home inspection as part of the due diligence process. 303-795-3630 Call Now to Schedule Your Sewer Pipeline Inspection.


Pre-Existing Sewer Pipeline Issue?

If the home you’re buying has a reported sewer issue, call us today. We’ll use our cameras to detect the site of the problem, saving you potentially thousands of dollars.

You Don’t Want to Come Home to a Sewer Back-up

Today, the discovery of a break, obstruction or misalignment in the sewer pipeline can result in a negotiation with the seller providing significant savings for your client at closing. Or, alternatively, if no underground video pipeline inspection is done, your client could receive an unpleasant visit from your city’s waste water management department delivering a notice for required sewer repair usually located in a public right-of-way or easement.

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Eliminate Potentially Costly Sewer Pipeline Problems

Our high-tech video sewer inspection shows you what our camera sees. We can identify problems with tree roots, other obstructions, breaks or fractures, misalignment's, undesirable slopes or low areas in the sewer pipe. Our high-quality video cameras and location equipment used for the sewer pipeline inspections show you exactly where problem areas exist and the extent of the damage. With this information, your plumbing contractor will know exactly where to excavate, and can determine the best solution to resolve your problem. 303-795-3630 Call to Schedule Your High-Tech Sewer Pipeline Inspection.


Even More Sewer Pipeline Inspection Benefits


  •         Valuable information for final home purchase negotiations
  •         Make a professional impression on clients with your expertise
  •         Gain full disclosure of the property’s condition
  •         For current owners, see the full picture of reported sewer issues
  •         Get a second opinion other than plumbing companies or repairmen

For the Home Buyer

  •         Avoid costly sewer issues missed by other inspection companies
  •         Get a full picture of a home’s hidden pipe work
  •         Have an unbiased opinion of a reported issue
  •         Understand the full-scope of proposed work needed

For the Home Seller Of course, if you are a seller, prior to going on the market, you can:

  •         Head-off any potential hick-ups during the pre-close period
  •         Identify potential problems in the main sewer line
  •         Fix any problems on your own terms (and budget); saving you money
  •         Choose not to fix the problem and disclose the issue to the buyer upfront
  •         Avoid allowing negotiations to tear down your home price
  •         Eliminate surprises in the negotiation process
  •         Minimize your deal potentially falling through

  Treat the sale of your home like a business and it will get you customers!

If you are already in the inspection phase, you may want to get a second opinion after receiving suspicious inspection results from another scoping company hired by the buyer. Sound good? Call Our Denver Colorado Sewer Inspection Company - Pipe Spies Inc for Details 303-795-3630




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Kathleen Luiten
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You xaught my attention with this post, Jesse. I don't think any inspector has offered that here. What is the added cost for an average home?

Dec 25, 2015 05:16 PM
Jesse Martin
Autaugaville, AL

Hi Kathleen, the best thing to do is to call and get a quote from the service provider.  Thanks.

Dec 26, 2015 02:12 AM