Huntsville Investment Property. Concerns on location possible meth lab

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The latest MLS activity I could find on 705 Hal Street were two sales in 2004. It sold for $37,500 to a local realtor. He resold it a few days later to one of his clients for $62,900. 
New Century Home Solutions is a guy in Meridianville, JOHN DUNST. I don't know what he is asking for the house but there was a house down the street that sold for $42,500 last April after 358 days. has the house listed as a former drug lab house. There are health concerns about living in a former drug lab house and I would be concerned about visitors that know the house as a drug house.

I do have concerns about the neighborhood. I know Schools aren't an issue for you but you can find out about a neighborhood by looking at the schools that serve the area. Here is ranking and some statistics on Rolling Hills Elementary
I hope this helps.
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Very interesting post. 

I know that I had a home listed recently at just under $400,000, and because it had a 12 x 14 out building, the appraiser had to see the inside. The reason, to see if it was a drug lab! (his words) He told me the lender required that he check.

Dec 26, 2015 09:09 AM