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Avoid A Wet Winter Basement With These Home Saving Tips "Stevie D."

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Avoid A Wet Winter Basement With These Home Saving Tips


Home is where the heart is, as the old saying goes. The last thing you want in your place of residence is a basement that’s wet during the winter. Wintertime is bad enough without having to deal with a wet basement as well. If your basement accumulates moisture, then you also have to deal with damp smells, which can be unpleasant. A wet basement also means that you’ll eventually have to pay for the necessary repairs to dry out the area and replace any damaged building materials. With the following home-saving tips, you can avoid a wet winter basement and save money at the same time.


Check The Basement Windows

Checking your basement windows from the outside can help you prevent moisture from entering the basement. If you happen to spot water either pooling or running from a basement window, you are likely looking at the root of the problem. To prevent moisture from causing more havoc and wetness in the basement, you could just replace the old window well, yet that can be a major investment in terms of time and money. Instead, simply attach a plastic bubble to the window well. Such a plastic bubble should normally cost you no more than $50, but you will also have to spend for screws, sealant and labor.


Deal With Any Cracks That You Spot

If there are cracks in your basement wall from the outside, you have a problem. The cracks in the wall from the outside will allow water to get into your basement and moisten it. This is particularly problematic if there was just a storm raging outside or you just had several days of rainy weather. Should these cracks be less than two millimeters in length, you ought to be able to fix them with some silicone or even hydraulic cement. Both are pretty solid choices to help fill in the space and prevent further damage.


Clean Your Gutters Of Debris

It is imperative that you clean out your gutters. Fall leaves that stay in your rain gutters and on your roof can eventually cause moisture to enter your basement. Even if the trees around your property are evergreens, that won’t help - their needles do a great job of clogging up your gutters. Cleaning your gutters will ensure that both melting snow and winter rains will not cascade over. If water does cascade over your gutters, it will begin to saturate the soil in the foundation of your property. From there, it will only be a short time until that water makes it to your basement!


A wet winter basement is a South Barrington, Barrington, Schaumburg, Streamwood, Roselle, Bloomingdale, Itasca, and Chicago NorthWest Suburbs homeowner’s nuisance that can lead to problems such as mold and property damage. If you’re winter proofing your property and hope to save some money, take heed of these basement-saving strategies that will help you avoid costly repairs. Remember to call your trusted real estate professional today for more information about your future dream home.


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