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Hold on to your hat! This blog has nothing to do with Real Estate, but with raising children and a chance for me to vent a little. Now that I have grabbed your attention for a minute let me begin with my blog. For those that are new to this concept of blogging it is as simple as a journal that you put on the Internet and let others read. How cool is this! Just be careful what you put in your blog and do not hurt those that are close to you. Because you never know where this blog may appear. Anyway let me get back to the topic of my blog of raising children and begin with my youngest child is 20 years old. My Mom passed away in 2004 and she always told me that basically you reap what you sow. She was 100% true on that respect to where all the trouble and worrying that I put her thru I am now reaping what I sowed. I honestly believe that no matter how old your child or children become we as parents will never stop caring and loving them. Along with that comes the worrying concept as who, where and what are they doing when they are not in our presence. As a parent I thought if I could just get them thru High School I've got it made, Boy was I ever WRONG! It seems like that is just the beginning of it all. Now that they are out of school now I have to worry that they will find the right person who will make their life complete. Once they do that person starts to change and their life starts to fall apart and I am left to pick up the pieces of their broken heart. As a parent I would go thru fire for my children just to keep them from getting burned, but doing so leaves my child unable to grow as an adult and that still hurts me as a parent. Life has its ups and downs and there is no way to protect the ones we love completely. I have found that to give me a sense of peace is to turn things I can not control over to GOD! Now that I have mentioned that I might have lost some of you but I do not care because I AM NOT ASHAMED of my BELIEFS! Because we have such an AWESOME GOD I am the man I am today! His grace will change your life if you will let it. Our society is so messed up that everyone believes he or she has a right to believe what they want too. They would rather point the finger at everyone else for their problems instead of looking in the mirror and taking responsibility for their life being the way it is. We live in a generation of " It is All About Me" and "WHAT is in It For Me" and "You Owe ME". What happened to the good old days where t.v. was funny without the sex and language that is on now? The movies now a days are full of sex, violence and the "F" Bomb that there are times I can not believe that I actually rented that movie. Anyway getting back to raising children when they are grown it seems that the role of a parent never changes that we are always there to listen and try and fix their problems for them. I would not have it any other way except if I could go thru the heart ache for them. I have rambled on enough for now, I hope you have got something from this blog if not stayed tuned for part 2 coming to a theater near you soon without the "F" Bomb in it! Peace, John

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