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As we approach the time to sell our homes we often ask-- what will give us the most return for our investment?  We will spend just a quick moment discussing the interior  projects that typically return the most money on investment.  We will touch lightly on the highest cost, mid level cost down to the lower cost updates that have the best returns.  If you or anyone you know is looking to buy or sell a home in Novi Michigan please feel free to contact us anytime at or call direct at 734-578-6561.

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New KitchenMajor interior renovations

A total kitchen renovation is always a great home upgrade to offer.  This is always at or near the top of most surveys I have read in what potential home owners are looking for along with getting investment money back out of the project.  Right behind the total kitchen remodel will be the total bathroom remodel.  A brand new kitchen or bath can go a long way when a home is put on the open real estate market. 

With each of these total remodels the price range can vary from 10,000 up to $50,000 or more in some cases.  This may not always be practical for many home owners so let's take a quick look at a little less expensive updating.  

Mid level cost of Novi interior renovationsredone wood floor with fireplace

A recent survey has shown that many Novi Michigan home buyers are looking for a cosmetically pleasing, clean updated home interior.  One of the items brought up that is returning a fantastic amount of the investment is refinishing the wood floors.  Some were making a strong case that many home owners were actually getting close to 100% of the money spent on the wood floor refinish project.  Not far behind the wood floors were partial updates to kitchen and baths--adding granite counters, replacing flooring, adding crown molding and replacing sinks/faucets.

The mid level cost renovations are common with home owners looking to put home on the market relatively soon and just doing the work needed to get home ready.  I love the idea of new looking wood floors, it always helps a Novi home for sale show at it's best!

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Low level cost of Novi Michigan home interior renovations for getting ready to sell home

At this level we want to think cosmetics!  Let's think about what someone sees and smells when they first enter the home.   First impressions are important so let's do some painting, cleaning, light updating (light fixtures, switch plates, trim work, light flooring, etc) to get the home looking the best it possibly can.  I would say this category is almost a must for all homes going on the market regardless of what other big updates/upgrades a home offers.  Along with this is removing unused items, removing personal items (pictures, etc) and clean.  





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