Guidelines to consider when arranging your furniture

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As a general rule, furniture should be arranged for comfort, convenience and attractiveness. In arranging your furniture, keep in mind these principles or guidelines.

1. Use or utility. Every object in the room must be placed for convenience and comfort. Group furniture according to use. Those pieces that are naturally used together should be together. A sofa, two arm chairs and a long low table are grouped together.  When you entertain visits or when your family sits down together to converse, this arrangement would be very convenient.

Furniture should be arranged to meet the needs and tastes of the people living in the house. In a house where there are children, shelves for toys should be provided. A study table with a table lamp near the bookcase makes a useful arrangement when there are students among the members of the family.


2.Economy of space. Do not use large heavy furniture in a small room. They will occupy too much space. Double purpose furniture saves on space. Instead of just a small table, have shelves under the table. It can serve as a place for a radio. The shelves can be used for books and magazines.

Never put large pieces of furniture across a corner. But small pieces of furniture like a small chair or small table may be placed across a corner for interest. It does not use up much space. Large pieces should be placed parallel to the wall. Leave a space between the wall and the furniture. Arrange the pieces in such a way that they need not be moved from their places for cleaning. When furniture touch the wall, both the wall and the furniture get scratched.


3. Beauty. Furniture arrangement should add to the attractiveness of the room. Every arrangement is more interesting if there is a center of interest. Furniture may be placed with the radio or television set as center of interest.

All joining in furniture should be clean, tight-fitting, difficult to detect, and put together with screws instead of nails. Drawers should slide smoothly. There also should be stops to prevent them from being pulled all the way out. Backs of the furniture should be attractively finished- and not, as in cheap furniture, made of heavy cardboard. The hardware, such as knobs, pulls and handles, should be firmly attached, tastefully designed, and in keeping with the quality of the piece it adorns. Brass and other metal hardware should be rust- resistant and tarnish proof.


4.Unity. Furniture of the same kind should be grouped together and furniture used for certain activity should be grouped together. In the bedroom, the clothes closet and the dresser should be near each other. Group furniture of similar heights together.

5.Variety. Furniture need not be in sets. Different kinds of furniture may be grouped together if they will be used together. A small piece of furniture may be placed across a corner. Large pieces should be near each other. Group furniture of similar heights together.

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