2 Vital Steps to Generate Online Leads

Real Estate Agent with The Faeth Team

Great Realtor.com article about showing potential clients what a Realtor is worth. 

"Give clients transparent information and memorable real estate experiences that they’ll want to share with family and friends. The leads will follow."

We’ve made real estate look easy — there’s a whole cable TV channel devoted to the subject. In fact, we’ve made it look a little too easy.

Expertise and skill have been eschewed for trust, which is why family and friends win out. “My mother’s uncle’s girlfriend would never steer me wrong!”

Let’s start telling the world the truth: Real estate is hard, and true real estate experts are a valuable resource. Let’s rethink marketing, master the art of mobilizing our raving fans, and start earning and attracting leads and business rather than feeling entitled to them.

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Source: Realtor.com

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