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What's the market like there in your neck of the woods?

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Just wanted to see what the "Feel" on the streets was in everyone's neighborhood?  How is the market where you are?   Do you see more buyers and if so, what are they like?  Are they more concerned or the same?  How about sellers?  What are you seeing when it comes to the closings?  Thanks.

Bob Cosby
One Source Realty - Shaw AFB, SC


Things haven't been that bad around here and we are next to Shaw AFB, which will always give new people to the area. My problem is that we have so much inventory on the market that people have 30-40 homes to choose from. Last year it was about 3-5 and this made it a whole lot easier on the wallet for gas. ($3.40 a gallon in Sumter SC)



Apr 23, 2008 03:11 PM