Can You Produce Magical Results in 2016? Yes. If You Swallow a Frog.

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Swallow your frogNow the party really begins...
Twenty-sixteen is here and it's time to get back to work.  Christmas, New Year's and many cultural holiday celebrations are over.  The clock starts all over again.  Another year until tasty holiday specials at Starbucks. 
You've made new year resolutions.  You've re-committed to goals in your business and life such as losing weight, making more money, and spending more time with your family.  
As #YourMarketingTrainer and friend I want you to be honest with yourself.  It's necessary if I'm going to help you (and me) capture Real Estate Success in 2016.  If you're really honest and think about it for a moment there's probably ONE major thing you could "swallow" first every day and catapult your business and personal life to another level.  It's the one thing you could do to dramatically improve everything else.  That one thing is your Frog.  
Ok, here's an example of a "Frog" some of us struggle with...
"If I go to bed early, maybe 10pm, I could easily get up early workout and lose weight, have time to balance my check book and save money, and then reach out to 10 prospective home listings/buyers via email, social medial, or direct mail so my well never runs dry and then I'll be ready to call FSBOs and Expired Listings before my competition wakes up at 9am. Then I just might be able to make it to jr's play or surprise my wife at work for lunch.  Sounds like a good plan that I'll start next week.  It was a long day and I deserve a glass of wine.
You've never had that conversation with your self? I have that conversation with myself all the time.  But the funny thing is when I listen to myself and put together a plan, go to bed, get up early, and work hard at getting ahead I amaze myself and others.  I'll share a few stories from college:  
At Michigan State University I excelled as a student because one simple thing, I got my butt up early and worked hard at staying ahead instead of procrastinating until the last minute.  After high school I promised myself I'd change my habits.  I'd plan ahead, get up early, execute my plan and work hard to get ahead in class vs. being re-active which is addictive.  You may have said this to yourself before, "I seem to do my best work under pressure!"  
"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" - Benjamin Franklin
Getting up early, planning ahead and working hard I went from graduating high school with a GPA around 2.4, my father's famous speech still rings in my head "your grades are for you not me, I have a job", to graduating from Michigan State University with my small mark on it's history books.  I graduated with a 3.3 GPA.  I was the B-School's graduating student speaker.  I had offers for full-time employment from Ford Motor, Chrysler, Intel, Kimberly Clark and several others.  
My senior year I started a student organization whose mission is to acknowledge minority/inner city students upon graduation day.  Minority students fail to graduate at a disproportionate rate at many universities.  Identical student organization exists on several well known college campuses including The University of Michigan.  I witnessed it for myself when my girlfriend, now wife, graduated from U of M.  I said to myself "If a student at U of M addressed the issue, I'll address it for us Spartans!"  
Go Green, Go White!  
I made national news!  Reporters from campus to CNN called my dorm room requesting interviews.  It was fun!  I made lifelong relationships.  I was able to accomplish starting an organization from SCRATCH.  I raised the necessary operating budget of $20,000 by writing letters and emails requesting donations before getting ready to attend class and interview for jobs at 8am.  I made the decision to plan ahead, get up early and work hard at working my plan.
So my fellow real estate professionals are you ready to swallow your "frog?"  Mabye it's not planning ahead and getting up early.  Maybe it's something else for you?  Maybe you need to be creative and consistent with your marketing?  Maybe you need to start a community Facebook group so you can connect with your farm market on-line?  Maybe you need to blog on twice a week so your audience naturally picks up your original content discussing your market and it's wonderful attributes.  Whatever your "Frog" is when it comes to your business and personal life, swallow it.  Do it early in your day and try having fun doing it. 
If working out is your frog, get a subscription to for $9.99 per month and JAM to all your high school and current day hits while getting your sweet 16 figure back.  If it's sending out direct mail, play your favorite music while doing it.  If it's door knocking, dress in nice workout clothes with your brand embroidered on your shirt or jacket and door knock while offering your 1 page community newsletter with a market update on one side and local family events on the other. 
Do something different...maybe start a podcast show and interview local business owners and school principals once a week in your farm.  Each interview proceeded by your 120 second weekly market report.  Whatever you need to do, just do it.  
The KEY to swallowing your "frog" is to make it priority #1 each day.  Remember to have fun while doing it and work hard.  You'll be amazed at your long-term results.  If you consistently plan, work hard and swallow your frog early each day you'll eventually learn to say "YUM!" 

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