Home Staging & 'GREEN' Trends to increase Value

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Todays Consumers are becoming more involved in the 'Green' movement & trends, which is great for the environment -But how can we capitalize on this in the Real Estate Market?

I have a few Ideas; pimarily focused on the home staging part of real estate.

As Professional Home Staging experts in our areas, we hold the power to create beautiful spaces for our clients that help them achieve their goals of selling a property and appealing to the market buyers. If we could step it up a notch (or 2) I think we could increase the value of our services to our clients even more with some simple alternatives.

Most of us have a network of contacts like cleaning professionals and paint dealers and finishing product alliances; if we choose to only work with those that incorporate the 'green' into their companies we would be doing much more than just creating a pretty space.

I have found cleaning professionals that only use 100% environmentally friendly cleaning products that are also biodegradable, always reccoment bamboo flooring if needed (bamboo regrows faster than trees) and always advocate energy efficient bulbs. I would like to take this further and offer my clients the opportunity to claim 'green' home improvements / renovations by also including environmentally friendly paints and other products for home improvement as I hear about them.

My research on the Green trends indicate that consumers are very receptive to this and eager to do their part, especially if they are purchasing a home anyway - why not pick the 'green' one? I know I certainly would!

For all those who wish to do more, what have you incorporated as 'green' in your home staging business?

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Cindy Lin
Staged4more School of Home Staging - South San Francisco, CA
Host, The Home Staging Show podcast


I am so glad that you brought this up! I do so by a few things:

*recycle furnishing through craig's list, garage sales, donations, etc. to reduce waste and landfill spaces

*i also have signed up with a wellness company that i can get 100% green and eco friendly products for cleaning, etc. (let me know if you are interested!)



Feb 21, 2007 04:25 PM