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Radon In Vancovuer. Yes, Big Time



What is it? Where is it? Should you be worried? 

What is it?  Radon is a naturally occurring gas in the soil that causes lung cancer.  Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer (after smoking), Radon kills more than 20,000 people every year in the US.

Where is it? Radon gas is found in rock and soil. The burning of coal and other fossil fuels also releases radon.  Radon gas can enter your home and become trapped indoors and can especially occur during a temperature inversion, which reduces radon’s escape potential from the building and it can then increase the indoor radon level.

Radon can enter the home through

  • Diffusion from the ground,
  • Gas appliances, even if they are properly vented,
  • Pressure-driven flow of air in the home—the most important mechanism—and
  • Water supply, especially from private wells.

A recent study showed that  homes in the Clark County area are at a high risk of radon. 

The research, published in January showed a high or moderate risk of radon in 3,159 homes, from Vancouver and Camas to La Center. 

Portland Vancouver Homes

In parts of  Vancouver and Amboy, at least a third of the readings were at or above 4 picocuries per liter, at this level the EPA recommends corrective action.  (Click here to find out what the heck a picocurie is).

Here are the zip codes where the high levels were reported: The highest readings turned up in Zip codes 98601 (Amboy) and 98660, 98663 and 98664 (Vancouver). Homes tested in the other Zip codes -- 98604 (Battle Ground), 98606 (Brush Prairie), 98607 (Camas), 98629 (La Center), 98642 (Ridgefield), 98661, 98662, 98665, 98671 (Washougal), 98675 (Yacolt), 98682, 98683, 98684, 98685 (Felida)  and 98686  (Mt Vista)-- were at a moderate risk.

Testing is highly recommended.  Corrective action, if the radon levels are high, can be easily taken.

Would you like to test your home?  Click here for a free report on testing for radon.   

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