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Nobody wants an amateur real estate agent when it comes to buying or selling property but so many people use these type of agents without even realizing it. Why is that the people feel so pressured to use their brother's - cousin's - wife's - half-sister as their agent? Yes uncle Billy may have just gotten his real estate license but were talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars in a legal real estate transaction; you might want uncle Billy to get some experience but are you willing to sacrifice your time, money and energy on that experience?What to look for in a great real estate agent

We want a great real estate agent and as difficult as it might be, we have to go with experience and qualifications over friendship and family relationships. Here are some key things to look for in a great real estate agent and, don't be afraid to ask these questions as well. Remember, you're interviewing them for a job that they're going to do for you; you want them to be the best candidate for the position.

#1. Experience.

Asked them how long they've been in business. Also, ask them how many deals that they close each year. Listing property is one thing; selling it is quite another. Make sure they've actually closed at least one deal a month and have been in the business long enough that they seen a lot of different types of transactions and can help negotiate regardless of the situation.

#2. Education.

Education is mandatory for all licensed real estate agents and brokers but many real estate agents can go above and beyond. Many real estate companies have additional learning facilities for their agents and you want to make sure your agent has gone to the proper training, not just for basic real estate information but for negotiating tactics, ethics and moral standards. Certifications and letters after your name might not mean much to most people but they do indicate a higher level of education.

#3. Communication.Communication with agent

Communication is key to getting what you want in a real estate transaction. If it's hard to get a hold of your real estate agent, you don't know the status of the transaction, and you're not really getting the information you need, it can be very frustrating and downright rude. You need to make it clear how you want to be communicated from the beginning. Do you prefer texts, phone calls, in person, and how often? You want to know that your real estate agent is available for you when you have questions about the transaction and can communicate not just to you but to the listing agent, buyers agent or other parties in the transaction.

#4. Reputation.

Do you really want the agent that everyone hates to do a deal with? They may be aggressive but they can also be rude, inconsiderate and downright nasty. Nobody wants to deal with someone like that. Get some references from a particular agent so that you can contact either past real estate agents they've worked with or clients that they've worked with so that you know how the agent responds to other agents as well as clients. Great agents can keep a calm demeanor but still have an aggressive and kind approach to negotiating with their buyer or seller needs. This is a fine line but it's also something that is learned over time. Agents with great communication, great education and great experience should all equal a great reputation.

Again, be sure to ask your real estate agent about any of these items and remember, don't feel embarrassed or shy about asking for referrals and references. Your hiring them to do a job and they get several thousand dollars upon completion of the job, typically whether they do it right or not. You want an agent that's working for you and doesn't leave a bad taste in your mouth at the end of the day.

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