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Cape Coral Gulf Access Homes Great Investment in 2015

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When Harvard talks we should listen right?  Well The Joint Center of Housing Studies at Harvard University just came out with a pretty kool study.  It talks about how when people or families are Buying a home you would assume that they are primarily interested in or mainly concerned about the financial end of it.  Things like can they afford it, what will the payment be, how much will it appraise for, what is the equity, and other financial benefits.  


Well come to find out through this study when a family buys a home they also are concerned with several social benefits.  Some of the things the survey talked about were how they think paying rent doesn't make sense, how home equity gives you an opportunity to borrower money in the future, how your retirement is even better when you invest in a home, and the wealth that is created thru Real Estate.  


Real estate again in Cape Coral and throughout the country is becoming a great Investment and it was for 2015.  Cape Coral Gulf Access homes and all waterfront homes for sale in Cape Coral topped the list in Lee county.  


Below is a awesome graph.  It shows how Real Estate nation wide did against other investments in 2015.  It compares the return on investment against Gold, Silver, and the Stock Market.

Real Estate Return on Investment






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