Goals not written down are only Dreams...right..Yes you have heard that before....So this year you have written them down...great... have you shared them?  Most likely not...Why?  Because you most likely did not write them down or your are embarrassed to share what you have written down.  

One of my Goals I will share with you is to not only share my Appreciation Marketing system every single day but to send out 10 physical greeting cards every day.  Why?  Because I know this will not only improve my follow up skills and a host of other necessary gratitude skills; but, my team needs to hear and see what I am doing to create massive success in my business and my personal life.  So there it is Team...Let's hear yours!

Recently, I reviewed my 2015 expenditures using my system.  The numbers are staggering for most....nearly 5,232 personal gratitude cards and gifts that were sent.  Over $25,000 investment in this piece of my business....My goal was to 10x that investment...well I did not reach that....however, I did 8x my investment.  Can you imagine having that return in your business?  YOU see People count; Numbers don't.  If I took the time like most amateurs finding reasons not to send this card or that gift....guess what....the card/gift would not have been sent out.....Yet, by listening to my positive side of the brain and my personal growth from my Mentors, I sent out to Give in Gratitude and did not listen to my negative side of the brain worrying about cost, timing, etc.

For those that have study personal development more than one e-book, or one free webinar...YOU know what I am taking about... For those that would like to learn more...feel free to comment below with your email address..and I will send you out my Top List of Books for 2016 and with a Gift to your home address...

Have an awesome 2016 and listen to more of your Positive side of your Brain this year than ever before...

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Jay McHugh is the Appreciation Marketing Expert.  His endorsements from Best Selling Author Brian Tracy and many others can be found on this Youtube Channel.  Jay is a contributor to Huffington Post