Platform Tents as Alternative Rural Housing

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Could You Live in a Tent on Rural Land in Northern Arizona?

Tent at Nata Lodge Botswana How about living in a tent on own rural land.  What, that’s crazy!  Maybe not.  Tents on platforms create practical and comfortable dwellings in both cold and hot climates, many are used in African game lodges. 

North of the I-40, in Northern Arizona there are some very special parcels of rural land in mile-high juniper/pinon woodland. Many parcels of vacant land have no building restrictions.  It would be perfect to erect platform tents as homes on this rural Northern Arizona land.

A couple of years ago, I stayed at Nata Lodge near the Nata Bird Sanctuary in Botswana, Africa.  I thought, “oh no; I’m too tired for a tent”. It was winter in Africa and was cold in the evenings and the early mornings

But this tent was beautiful, spacious and high, with a gleaming wooden floor, a half wall behind the bed, a bathroom in the back.Nata Lodge Tent  Could You live in a tent on rural land in Northern Arizona? — Yes, what a terrific idea! You could do it!  When I wanted more air, I just unzipped a window. It was great!  it was a cold night but warm inside the tent. 

Could You Live in a Tent on Rural Land?

A used platform tent for saleThis one had a hot outdoor shower in a balcony off the back of the tent.  Heavenly!

I saw one for sale on the web for $2500 only used for 3 seasons.  Why not!

Just like a house, all the necessities can be added — a septic system and plumbing, a well for water, and a solar system on poles to run the pump, the lights, and access to the internet.

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Ryan Huggins - Thousand Oaks, CA - Thousand Oaks, CA
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Now that is a unique way to live!  I'd have never thought of that for permanent housing.

Jan 08, 2016 08:12 AM