Spokane area and North Idaho viewers enjoy Classic TV shows

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Eastern Washington and North Idaho viewers enjoy Classic TV shows on MeTV!


TV and popcornAre you missing the old TV shows like I Love Lucy and Andy Griffith?


MeTV airs old shows that scoop you up and take you down memory lane with hours and hours of family entertainment. 


While baby boomers and retirees make up a large portion of the viewing audience, college students and younger kids also enjoy the "old-timey" shows.  What a great way to take a break from regular TV and enjoy the shows reflecting America's past (according to Hollywood.)


Watching MeTV

Airing all hours of the day and night, MeTV really is "memorable entertainment".  Here's just a sample of what is available to choose from.....


Westerns:   Rifleman, Bonanza, Wagon Train, Big Valley, Gunsmoke and Rawhide


Superheroes of yesteryear:  Lost in Space, Wonder Woman, and Star Trek Original


Comedy:  I Love Lucy,  M*A*S*H, and Mary Tyler Moore


Mystery/detective/crime:  Perry Mason, Alfred HItchcock, Columbo and Matlock.


But wait!  There's more!   MeTV even has a facebook page!


So, how do you find this great programming?   Subscribing to a cable network allows you to simply refer to  your onscreen guide.  A TV antennae works great too and an HDTV antenna ($100 or less) will also allow you to turn to MeTV day or night.  You may even be able to enjoy classic tv on your computer!  


Currently, in the Spokane area, cable through Comcast airs MeTV on Channnel 304.  In the Coeur d'Alene/Post Falls area, TimeWarner airs on Channel 9.   Over-the-Air Coverage is MeTV/KXLY 4.2.  


MeTV Schedule in PDF form A printable schedule is at your fingertips at metv.com/schedule/. Questions?  Call KXLY at (509) 324-4200.



MeTV provides more entertainment  online  at games.metv.com.


Eastern Washington and North Idaho TV viewers enjoy

Classic TV shows on MeTV! 

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