Don’t Make These 5 Common Home Inspection Mistakes

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Don’t Make These 5 Common Home Inspection Mistakes


Finding your dream home among the various homes in South Tampa is a great experience. After your offer gets accepted by the seller, the next step is to have a home inspector who will determine if the home is in good shape. The home inspection is one of the most important steps that you can take to make sure that you are making a sound investment. It will also assure you that your new home us a safe place for your family.

Purchase the South Tampa real estate that meets your needs by avoiding these home inspection mistakes.

Read on to find out the biggest mistakes buyers make during the home inspection process.


1. Choosing the wrong inspector

When it comes to huge investment such as buying South Tampa area real estate for sale, you need the help of an experienced and trustworthy professional. You need an inspector who knows what he is doing and has good reviews to back up his work.  Do not just rely on referrals. Do your own research. Make sure to ask about the licensing, professional affiliations, and credentials. Check also if the inspector carries errors and omissions insurance.


2. Not taking the inspector’s recommendation seriously

All issues, whether they are big or small, should be taken into consideration before investing on any South Tampa homes for sale. In some cases, issues are overlooked during negotiations and buyers don’t follow up on items discovered in the inspection. This could lead to expensive repairs and replacement in the near future. Remember that it is better to be safe than sorry.


3. Expecting too much from the inspector

Although there are some knowledgeable and skilled inspectors out there, none of them can’t see the future. They should be able to identify certain issues with the home as it is today, but don’t expect them to identify potential future issues that might surface after the fact.  Any items that might be suspect should be pointed out for further investigation.


4. Ignoring other items

There are home inspectors who do not include underground pipes, tanks, and wells in the inspection. Before buying any home, it is important to add these items in the list of possible inspections. If your home inspector doesn’t check these types of structures, you may consider hiring someone else that does that type of work.


5. Not doing your research

While it is good to be decisive, rushing to a decision without carefully analyzing the scenario can be harmful. This applies to buying a home. It pays to always do your research because home inspection mistakes can occur due to the buyer’s lack of involvement. Most any property should have an inspection to identify any areas of concern. Do your research before making decisions to avoid unnecessary problems and expenditures.


With this information, there is no need to stress out too much during the inspection process. Consider it as a learning experience and enjoy the home buying process. Visit today for more helpful tips on home selling and home buying.


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Katerina Gasset
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Hello, Mary! These are excellent reminders for homeowners. Thanks for sharing this and I hope you have a great day ahead!

Feb 03, 2016 11:55 PM
Mary Diaz
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It is great reminders.

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