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If you are looking for an excellent area to settle down with a family or even just for yourself a commonly overlooked state to settle in these Oregon. From the eclectic art scene of Portland to the natural beauty of Oregon city to the fantastic outdoor activities in Bend, Oregon has cities and areas that are perfect for nearly any personality type. Here's some of the top reasons you should consider Oregon as a house hunter:

  1. Property values are on the rise: Oregon is becoming an extremely attractive place to live, with low crime rates and high school graduation rates that are 15% higher than most of the nation. It stats like these that raise the property values and the desirability of settling in areas across Oregon. This makes the state a great investment opportunity and the perfect place to raise families.

  2. It's not as rainy as you may think: While the Pacific Northwest is often portrayed as a rainy and miserable place, Oregon isn't even in the top 10 for rainfall out of the 50 states. Although there is some precipitation through the spring and winter, it helps Oregon citizens to really embrace the summer and enjoy delights like some of the United States best truffles!

  3. Oregon is perfect for produce and farming: If you have ever dreamt of living on a farm or starting your own garden, it's important to note that property in Oregon is made for growing. Oregon has some of the best growing lands around, especially through the Willamette Valley. There are over 200 wineries across this area as well as some of America's best farmers markets.

  4. Most Oregon residents don't leave the state once they move here: Oregon's unique culture and endless amenities make it a perfect destination. If you are planning on making the move, it's important to note that Oregon residents enjoy zero sales tax and an extremely friendly atmosphere. When most people settle in Oregon they simply don't want to live anywhere else!

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Kelly Hagglund, Principal Broker, Licensed in Oregon.

Bruce Walter
Keller Williams Realty Lafayette/West Lafayette, Indiana - West Lafayette, IN

Kelly, those are great reasons for moving to Oregon!  Just curious as your state doesn't have a sales tax what are the property taxes like?  Around here  3,000  square feet finished living space with a full unfinished basement is around $2,500 with the homeowner and mortgage exemptions filed.  How so in the Portland area?  

Feb 03, 2016 01:11 AM
Kelly Hagglund

Oregon's ranked about midway in the nation as far as property tax is concerned. Some areas are steeper than others though, certainly! In the Portland area, you'd be looking closer to $3,500 or higher for a single family home, but those properties are a hot commodity. Yamhill county is lower, as is Marion county

Feb 11, 2016 03:59 AM