Spokane's South Hill changes again

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Spokane's South Hill changes again


Good News for Spokane's South HIll Residents The cleared property at 55th and Regal is primed for change and KXLY  recently announced a "new development". 


For decades Regal Lumber sat on the upper regions of Spokane's South Hill quietly serving families, contractors and handymen. Since the store front, various sheds, warehouse,  piles of lumber  and parking lot are now history, the corner has been not much more than an eyesore.  Now the entire length of Regal from 29th to 63rd is not so quiet with the addition of Target and many other business. 


Fortunately, Regal street south of 29th Avenue has seen numerous changes to infrastructure with stop lights and turn lanes added for safety and traffic flow. 


Spokane is home to many excellent construction companies and many decisions are yet to be made but the good news is a proposed development such as this brings jobs


Typical concerns of residents living near by are

  1. Will the area be pedestrian friendly? 

  2.  How will the increased traffic be handled?


Proposed tenants  have not been revealed but it isshoes? books? flowers? whole foods? exciting to speculate.  Everyone has an idea of what businesses they would like to see in their neighborhood With  over 10 nearby apartment complexes and lots of single family homes, there will be no shortage of customers.  


Nearby shopping and schools are two key factors when folks are looking to relocate to a new neighborhood or a new town.  No doubt the continuing  development of the South Regal area will bring re-newed interest in homes for sale on the South Hill. This  bodes well for real estate agents and home loan specialists.


There is no substitute for convenience and Spokane continues to be a great place to live and work.


Spokane's South Hill to change again. 



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