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By Myra Jensen

The Master Bedroom is going to be the most important of all of the bedrooms in the house.  With all bedrooms, start with the blog on decluttering first, then read these tips to make the bedroom look fantastic.

Here is a step by step guide to getting your bedrooms ready to show:

Start at the floor.   This applies to all rooms and closets – even in a small bedroom, the cleaner and more open the  floorspace, the larger the room will appear.   Remove everything that is not necessary – hampers, rugs, that pile of books.  You will be starting with the floor and working your way up.

Clean and Dust   Pay special attention to light fixtures, ceiling fans, window treatments and blinds – the areas that you don’t get to on a weekly basis.

The Master Bedroom  Many homes do not have a true “master bedroom” with a walk-in closet or master bath.  You still want it to look like a master bedroom however.  Make sure you have nice bedding on the bed, this is a good spot to invest in some if you don’t have something that is modern.  Grandma’s quilt probably won’t cut it right now.  The bedding does not need to be expensive, just “modern”  and not too colorful .  I highly recommend having a bed skirt on the bed.  Get a couple extra pillows with shams that match the bedding, and a couple of throw pillows.  Even if you don’t have a nice head board, a bunch of pillows will make it look like a master bedroom.

Window Treatments  Curtains should not be old fashioned or overwhelming.  Nice panels will work well and make the room look up to date.  Any window treatments that make the room too dark should be removed or replaced.

Bedroom Furniture  Ideally, only a twin bed should be pushed up against a wall.  Any size bigger should be centered on a wall with at least one night stand, even if it’s a small one.  If you have really large furniture or poster beds, consider removing some of the furniture unless the bedroom is very large.

Kids Rooms  Moving can be very stressful on kids and you don’t want to constantly yell at them to keep their room clean.  Try to get them excited about moving. Help them declutter as much as you can,  and then get them a laundry basket so they can quickly pick up the room in the mornings to be ready for a showing.  Remind them that little kids may be looking at the house during showings – so any items they don’t want “played with” should be put away. The laundry basket of “stuff” can be put in their closet during the showing.  Your family will want to be in the habit of making your beds every morning.

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William Feela
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The bedroom is a very important room...It really shows the persoality fo the home owners and what they are like which translates to the pride in ownership

Jan 14, 2016 08:49 AM
Bob Crane
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Good tips Myra, bedrooms are always a priority, everyone wants a nice place to sleep.

Jan 16, 2016 09:58 AM
Compass - La Jolla, CA
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Hi Myra Jensen I often find the window treatments need to go.  have a great day

Feb 03, 2016 11:25 PM