How to Harness the Power of the New Year

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Happy New Year, Agents!How to Harness the Power of the New Year

A New Year, new possibilities in business and beyond! In this week’s 1st Fifteen, Rich goes over some powerful attitude shifts, affirmations, and practical tasks that will create a massive shift in your approach to the year.

(For more details, you can always skip to the instant webinar replay, below.)

Here are some powerful tools you can start using today:

1- Write down these affirmations and hang them somewhere you’ll see them every day (near your laptop, bathroom mirror, or fridge are great options)

“I like myself unconditionally.”
“I completely trust my own judgement.”
“2016 IS my best year ever.”
(Listen to the full webinar, below, to hear why these affirmations will be so powerful for you.)

2- Take the different aspects of your business slowly.

Over the course of the year, tune into the 1st Fifteen where Rich will be going over each area sequentially, reinforcing what you need to hear regularly and taking tiem to dive into the bigger topics seasonally.

3- What do you need to focus on now? 

Start every month knowing your Under Contract Sales Goal for the month.
-How much are you planning to put under contract in January?
-How much of that can you already see coming in?
-If there’s a discrepancy, where can you get the rest of those contracts?

Start every week knowing your New Client Appointment Goal for the week.
-What is it for this week?
-How many have you already scheduled?
-Who will you contact to exceed that goal?

The first step is to know your goals.
The second is to be in touch with people.

This will determine your March and April results!

Check out the full webinar for ideas on HOW to contact and WHO to contact–in Rich’s order of priority. Most importantly, remember: they don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Looking forward to enjoying 2016 with you!

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