The Traits of a Winner 2016

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The Traits of a Winner

1. They have a dream. Without a dream, our life lacks focus – and we’re in danger of drifting and going nowhere at all.

2. They prepare for whatever they need to do – and knowing they’re prepared breeds inner confidence.


3. They are totally focused on what’s happening now – and are not distracted by the future or the past.

4. They are full of passion and a zest for life. That drives them forward – so they never give up.

5. They’re committed to doing the work that is required. They understand that winning will involve some sacrifice.

6. They accept responsibility for their own life. They know it’s up to them to set and reach their goals.

7. They have perseverance and tenacity – so they keep on going when they meet with obstacles.

8. They pay attention to the little things. They don’t cut corners, or ignore when things go wrong.

9. They have an optimistic and positive approach. They understand the value of a good attitude.

10. They strive for perfection and they want to do their best. They compete against themselves to push the boundaries and excel.

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