How real estate agents can become successful

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How real estate agents can become successfulMost real estate agents run around being and feeling busy but miss their goals because of two main reasons:

  1. They do not keep tabs on their numbers.
  2. They do not stick close to their highest priority (and revenue generating) activities.

So how can real estate agents become successful?

Agents, make this the year you far surpass your goals and expectations by identifying them and consistently tracking and analysing your numbers.  It’s a little like working a mathematical equation backwards.

How can real estate agents become successful?

  1. Get out a notebook or piece of paper.
  2. Now, start with your goal:  How much do you want to make this year?  (Write that down!)
  3. Next, figure out how many commissions it will take to realize that goal.  (Goal $100,000 – average commission of $5,000 you’ll need 20 sales.)
  4. How many listings do you need to achieve that goal?
  5. How many listing appointments do you need to get that many listings?
  6. How many calls do you usually have to make to get an appointment?
  7. How many contacts and referrals do you need in order to be able to make that many calls?
  8. What type of marketing system are you going to employ in order to get those contacts and referrals?
  9. How much are you going to budget for marketing?
  10. Now take those numbers and break them down by month and week.  Create a chart, graph or even checklist and keep it on your desk.  Seeing it every day will help you stay on track.

For example – what type of marketing system are you going to utilize, if you need to make 30 calls a week to get the appointments you need, in order to get the listings you want? Break down the numbers. Then you will know that if you have only made five calls and its Wednesday, you need to make 25 more calls in the next 3 days to stay on target.  Although we are in a people business, it’s still a business, so you have to know your numbers to be successful.

Takeaway point: In real estate you need to know and track your numbers on a weekly basis.

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