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If you think Zombies are frightening, try entrepreneurship. Here Inc. columnists share their tips for managing fear and finding success.


Fear comes in many forms. It can be the nervous butterflies when you have to speak in public. It might be the uncertainty that keeps you from leaving your job and starting a business. Perhaps it's the fear of repercussion from sharing bad news, or even the avoidance of shame by covering your big mistakes.

No matter your fear, you will have to deal with it at some point. Some believe in just ripping off the bandage, others sip their worst fears a little at a time. Regardless, if you don't conquer your fears you'll never achieve your full potential. Well, no need to fear. My Inc. colleagues and I have provided our ways to kill your fright so you can take flight.


1. Embrace them.


Fear heightens your awareness and gets your adrenaline going. It serves a purpose. It makes your senses acute, allowing you to see and hear better. Fear can be a tremendous motivator. Let your fear get you out of that warm and comfortable spot. Manage your fear and use it like a big caffeine boost. Harness its power and apply the energy in a positive way to get you closer to the success you crave.

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2. Take an immediate leap.


The best way to manage your fears is to just dive in and go for it. Be smart--prepare for possible contingencies, and consider a variety of worst-case scenarios. But don't hesitate. The longer you do, the more fear you'll feel and the less likely you'll be to do what needs to be done.Peter Economy--The Leadership Guy

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3. Get real.


Even the smallest doubt can lead to the most out of control fears. The thing to remember is that fear is rarely based in reality -- it's made up of the stories we tell ourselves. While many experts (me included) advise to think positive thoughts, that's not always powerful enough. When the big, scary thing threatens to surface, ask yourself this equally big and scary question: What's the worst that can happen? There are few things in life from which we cannot recover. Find the opportunity in your worst-case scenario; there is always opportunity. It will give you the courage to move forward in a more positive frame of mind. Marla Tabaka--The Successful Soloist

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4. Cultivate acceptance.

When growing a business, rather than fearing if you might hit a snag, know that bumps and roadblocks are part of the journey and they will happen. When things go wrong, I keep my perspective.I remind myself that no one is going to die tomorrow because of the decisions I make today. I remind my team that most mistakes are recoverable. After a storm passes, I find the lesson in the situation and prepare for how I would handle it better in the future. As an entrepreneur, you must remember to enjoy the journey and not dread it. Eric Holtzclaw--Lean Forward

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5. Face them head on.

I beat my fear of heights by skydiving, and I got over my fear of death by becoming a war correspondent in Iraq. Heck, I even emailed my ex-girlfriend out of the blue for a date, more than a decade after we'd broken up (we later got married). The only way I know to truly manage fears is to face them head on. Bill Murphy Jr.--Action Required

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6. Remember that your fears aren't really that scary.


A year ago, a dancer friend of mine took part in a benefit comedy performance. She had always been polished on stage but this time she went all-out, delivering a wild, wacky, and utterly hilarious performance. I wondered how she learned to be so uninhibited and out-there? Then I found out she was terminally ill.

That'll put your fear of making a fool of yourself in the proper perspective. The challenge is to keep that perspective without the diagnosis, and it isn't always easy. Staying mindful, and remembering what truly matters in life and how short our lives are is a good first step.

Bob Crane
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These are some great tips, Raoul.  There are always things we are afraid of, the key is to keep it in perspective, and like you said, face it head on.

Jan 19, 2016 09:54 AM
Raoul Loustaunau
EXP REALTY - Phoenix, AZ
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thanks bob for the comment and reblog , hope you have a great week and year

Jan 20, 2016 12:00 AM