Master Bedroom - Master the Clutter Part 1

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Master Bedroom - Master the Clutter   Part 1 – The Closet!

OK, don’t hold your breath on this one, you will pass out.  Breathe deeply and jump in!

First thing empty the entire closet, I know, what an incredible mess and job!  But it has to be done to get the job done.

Remember those boxes we suggested in our first Clutter Free Blog.  Now is the time to drag them out and get started.  Have a box for clothes that need to be donated, clothes that need to be thrown away and things that don’t belong in the closet but somewhere else.  Whew, that’s done.  Take those boxes out of the room.  Yep, you’re going to have to go ahead and put the stuff that belongs in a better place up now.  Go ahead do it!

Now your empty closet is ready for you to fill it back up, but before you do take a moment to evaluate it.  Think about the way you want to organize it:

  1. Measure for additional shelves, baskets or hanging rods you might
  2. Wipe down all the shelves and clean the floors
  3. Hang the clothing you have decided to keep by seasons and separating by type of clothing.
  4. If you don’t have enough room for everything, think about storing out of season clothes in bins you can put on the top shelf.
  5. Store sweaters, bulky clothing etc on the shelves either in bins or with dividers to keep them from falling over
  6. Organize your shoes using s hoe rack on the floor, or one that hangs from the rod or door.
  7. For the other items in your closet use bins or boxes to store and put on the shelves that make the sense. If you need to get to it, then put it lower, if you don’t put it on the higher shelves.

Find great ideas on Pinterest for ways to store and organize in your closet.

Closet done, we will move on to the Bedroom next week.

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