Did you hear the story about How Toilet Paper KILLED A HOME SALE?

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Showing lots of houses all through the day when the market is hot results in a long amount of time away from home, and can lead to a bad habit of not eating properly on schedule.


Another reality, is the need for personal breaks may pop up and surprise me.


It is most uncomfortable for my body to tell me hey fella you need to feed me, or even worse for it to say I’ve gave you plenty of time for a personal break, and you’ve been ignoring me.


All it takes is one inconvenience to learn how to properly prepare for the day.


I keep a plastic covered container filled with non-perishable food and refreshment essentials, plus a roll of paper-towels and toilet tissue. I try never to request to use the powder room of an occupied home. I’ve encountered plenty of unoccupied homes with no toilet tissue, nor soap, so hand sanitizer is a part of my container inventory.


Finally it happened, my little stash benefited a Client.


I am so thankful this occurred in a vacant home. I had been showing homes to this Couple who were First-Time Buyers for probably a couple of weeks, long enough for us to get comfortable with each other, and not allow an all too human moment become an embarrassing hindrance to my helping them to accomplish their relocating goal.


They even called me one day to help them when their car would not start for them after work. I drove probably over 25 miles from Homewood to Oakbrook to rescue them. I thought this Couple must really need my help if I am the first person they call for something like that? I discovered they were recently relocated to the area trying to make a new start from a not so proud past, which I was only given bits and pieces, but enough information to put the mystery puzzle together.


We were touring a home in Harvey, Illinois when all of a sudden she gave me this look of panic. I instantly knew what she wanted to ask. I pointed in the direction she needed to go. Once inside that private space I heard the sounds one makes when one wants to say now what has crawled up inside of you today and died?


Even a good 15 feet from the door, her Spouse joined me in moving the furthest direction away because the smells were very powerful. Once the voice stop grunting, I heard oh heavens no there is no toilet tissue, no paper-towels, no towels, no soap, and what a mess, even my dress.


I yelled no worries I got you covered. I ran out to my car, grabbed my container, and fortunately I had some towels, and some dishwashing liquid. I admit it, my mind moved over to the selfish zone thinking this couple is riding with me. Her Spouse gave her what she needed as much as she would open the door to fit the items in.


I could hear her say good thing my trade comes in handy. Through the door she told me when she was done they that is the Sellers, would never know I was here.


This couple worked for a cleaning service serving commercial Clients. About 35 minutes later she emerged from her personal drama holding wet undergarments, and wearing the damp dress she had just cleaned. Fortunately it was one of those hot Chicago summer days. I just happen to have a plastic bag in my container to cover that challenge. The towels she suggested be discarded immediately. I could tell from the amount left on the roll of paper-towels she was in there cleaning walls and flooring.


I calmed both of them by reminding them of something Ms. Winfrey told me she constantly reminded herself of to keep herself grounded as her fame and success increased, she said baby we all have to pee and poop.


They said we most certainly are going to buy a house through you now. They told me I’d never need to have a fear about that. I was just so happy the Sellers were not home. I imagined if they were they would have been looking at me like what kind of mess did you bring into our home?


I asked if she needed to suspend the remainder of the showings that day? She said she was fine and on a mission. When we return to my car I had an extra towel for her to place on the seat.


The next home I led them to the Seller was home. After touring the home the Seller asked me if she could show my Clients what she treasured most about the home? I said sure. She marched us out the back door down to the end of the back yard where she kept her very neat and healthy garden. She walked over and plucked a big red tomato, and gave it to my Lady. The Seller said please take a bite of this. I knew in that moment my Clients would be the next Owners of that home.


I kept shaking my head as put that deal together, and kept it together all the way to the closing table thinking of how some toilet tissue kept me on the right path to a successfully smooth sale.


My Respected Colleague below shares a story of how a roll toilet tissue played a key role in his transaction. Along the way he gives some very good tips on both Buyer and Seller expectations in a transaction.


Original content by Scott Godzyk NH License 033394

You may have seen sales go down the toilet, however not too long ago, toilet paper tried to kill a sale. During a long home inspection the would be buyer "had to go".  They used the sellers bathroom. Late that night a frantic home seller called in a rage. "Some one used their bathroom and to not deny it".  How did they know you ask? Well the buyer replaced the toilet paper with the end of the paper down and not over the top. The end of the world? Well no... but maybe the end of the sale when they seller called the buyer direct and got in a shouting match. 


What would become of this Manchester NH area home sale? The buyer was about 2 weeks from closing. The seller is pretty much packed and needed to close on this home to purchase their new one. There was a couple of issues on the inspection the buyers asked the seller to take care of. Would the seller kill the sale instead??? 


Then came the SHOCKER... The buyer "did not go" they "went" as she quoted. She had to blow her nose and there was no tissues, so she used toilet paper. There was only a little left on te roll and a new roll right there, so she changed it. No harm, no foul... except for the sellers temper... Perhaps the listing agent should have been there for the inspection to represent their seller and the buyer could have asked if they could use the toilet paper to blow their nose??? The buyer ramped things up by bringing a new roll of toilet paper to the sellers home. 


Not able to reach the listing agent, what would we do??? Then as luck would have it, the seller called me direct to apologize. It was the buyer who they should talk to... but being a real estate agent, a.k.a. referee, umpire, master negotiator and therapist, I spoke to the buyer who was now laughing it off. Of course they want the home and of course the seller wants to sell. Toilet paper gate could be averted. The seller would have the furnace cleaned and fix the broken window.  


There is a difference between GOOD and BAD and you do not want to find out the hard way you made a bad choice in agents. Being there for your customer is a must, Things pop up when buying and selling, an no matter how big or small. Communication is is key. With the other agent missing in action, there was a delay, but it went back on track.


YOU deserve the BEST service when Buying or Selling a home. Real Estate is not a time for trial and error or short cuts. Hard work is what it takes to sell a home.  LEARN THIS ONE FACT: One should know that All Agents are not created equal and every buyer or seller should take the time to hire the BEST not just the biggest Agent or Company. It is important to Hire the BEST Agent. In NH that could be me.  



You can search for Manchester area Homes For Sale by clicking here. what is for sale by clicking here.  


 All Agents are not created equal and every buyer or seller should take the time to hire the BEST, not This seller learned a hard lesson who you hire to list your home does matter. just the biggest Real Estate Agent or Broker. How well your purchase or sale goes will depend on it.


By using a philosophy, which is simple, to provide more personal and professional service to guide my clients through each step of the buying or selling process, I can help you find your dream home . 





 1. LEARN THIS ONE FACT: One should know that All Agents are not created equal and every buyer or seller should take the time to hire the BEST not just the biggest Agent or Company. It is important to Hire the BEST Agent. In NH that could be me.   

2. CHOOSE THE RIGHT AGENT: As a Buyer OR Seller in this market you need every advantage you can to get your home sold. It starts with choosing the right agent. a. Ask for a Full time agent whose sole job is to sell homes. b. Ask for a Full service agent who will guide you through each step of the selling process. Discount brokers often equal discount services. c. Ask for a Local agent who knows your neighborhood and is readily available when you need them is a must. Out of town agents can leave you high and dry in your time of need. d. Ask for a well experienced Listing Agent can give you the advantages you need when selling your home. Not all agents are created equal. Choose only the best.  

 3. HOME BUYERS SHOULD START BY:  Getting a FREE PRE-QUALIFICATION with a local and trusted lender. They will look at your credit and financial picture and let you know what type of mortgage you may qualify for and what your interest rate and monthly payment may be.   

4. HOME SELLERS SHOULD START BYGetting a FREE MARKET ANALYSIS. Learn what your property is worth in today's market along with how ling it may take to sell. If you are ready to sell now, learn what you should ask for it. How much offers may come in at and what the approximate selling price should be. NH Home owners should contact me now.   



IN SUMMARY the key to having a successful purchase or sale can increase simply choosing a better agent. The secret is that All Agents are not created equal and every buyer or seller should take the time to hire the BEST not just the biggest. I leave you with now infamous philosophy, which is simple, to provide more personal and professional service to guide my clients through each step of the buying or selling process.



If you are thinking of buying a Home please contact us. We offer you assistance to get a free pre-qualification for a mortgage,along with some of the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE through each step of the Buying Process.

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We stand by you through every step in selling your home..


About the Author: Scott Godzyk is the Owner/Broker of the Godzyk Real Estate Services in Manchester NH. With 30 years of experience, Scott is a leading Agent for Listing and Selling Homes in this area.



To CONTACT Scott Godzyk please call 603.661.2121 or EMAIL: Sctprop@aol.com . We are Full Time Agents ready to serve all of your Real Estate needs through each step of the Buying process.

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