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My neighbor, a pilot, flew 747 jets for over 30 years.  He never left his home without a huge boxlike briefcase full of maps.  Before takeoff, he always had a defined flight plan with apredetermined destination.


Once in air, there was no external referencing at 30,000 feet so he was dependent upon his internal gauges to keep him on course.  He had a dashboard that showed him his air speed, altitude, ground speed, fuel burn.


Likewise, you have to manage/monitory your attitude—your time—fuel burn—money.


Upon further conversation, my neighbor told me that most aircrafts you fly are off course 95% of the time. 


Can you imagine boarding a 747 in the future, only to be greeted by a flight attendant saying:

“Welcome aboard, be sure to buckle up because this aircraft is off course 95% of the time”. 


And it is true, an aircraft is off course 95% of the time!


He went onto tell me that when the aircraft veered off course 30 degrees, an internal radar on the dashboard signaled the pilot by giving him course correction instructions to ‘get back ON-Course’.

And, when the aircraft veered off course 45 degrees, ground control would intervene!! Ground control would give a command to the pilot to 'Get back on course within 20 seconds!! Self-Correct Immediately!"


Think about the number of times you have gone off course in your life—can you imagine your dashboard texting you to say: “Excuse me—Your Life is waiting!  YOU are off course 45*of your intentions.  You have 20 minutes to reset your direction and to get yourself back on course. Do it now.”

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How do you set your goals?  


Most of us use one or more of the following goal-setting methods:


1. A definite decision: you choose to set goals knowing that a goal puts you into the driver's seat . . . empowering you to BE-DO-HAVE more.  You are proactive!


2. A forced decision: you feel pressured by circumstances or others to change, so you are force to do something different. You are re-active!


3. By drifting: you drift into habits. Those habits have become a way of life for you ... it is what you know. 


Have you heard Jane's current keynote talking about drifting, titled:

What Happens in Vagueness-Stays in Vagueness.


This is the first recording Jane sends you when you sign up for her new MasterClass THANKS & Grow Rich!


Pilots practice getting back on course on a regular basis in both a simulated manner and real airtime. They are required to put in hours of practice before they can take flight.


Likewise, YOU need to practice-practice-practice your Goal-Setting Skills, Getting On Course, and Staying On Course on a regular basis to build that muscle, until.



Your Manifesting Journal combined with our sequential spaced learning in our Thanks + Grow Rich Masterclass is the best place to practice-practice-practice while you learn and relearn how to gain control of the ups and the downs, the twists and the turns.


Dr. Phil is famous for saying, "You practice a new behavior Until".  

Until . . . you no longer need a co-pilot.

Until . . . you can set your course,

Until you can get into the driver’s seat,

Until you can stay in your lane with a high level of consciousness, courage, and confidence.

Until you can stay ON Course, ON Purpose and reach your predeterimined destination with a plan.

Until you can stay ON Course, ON Purpose and reach your predeterimined destination with a plan.


You are invited to buy join our  Thanks & Grow Rich Masterclass today!!



And if you know of a company, a convention, an association looking for a keynote--breakout, Jane would love to present her: What Happens in Vagueness--Stays in Vagueness


Jane A Herron About Jane Herron

Jane Herron has a long history of success being the first woman hired by three Fortune 500 companies in manufacturing sales positioned in the largest geographic territory in the USA. 


After proving herself at a time when she was the ‘token women’ in male dominated industry, she was quickly promoted into a prominent position as a West Coast Executive.  NO, she did not break the glass ceiling, but she most certainly paved a pathway for the women directly behind her.


Proudly, in January 2016, Jane received her 30-year pin from the National Speakers Association as a professional member.


During this 30 years, she had the privilege of working as a National Trainer with some of the largest public Training & Development companies in the world: Covey Leadership Center, Career-Tracks, National Seminar, Skill-Path Seminars, the Stock Market Institute Learning, and the Professional Education Institute.


As a nationally certified trainer and executive coach for Covey Leadership Center, Jane facilitated, trained, and coached individuals, teams, and organizations the 7-Habits of Highly Effective People and First Things First.


Jane’s coaching talents have helped individuals, teams, organizations, associations, and communities significantly improve their performance and achieve their desired results in all 50-US States and 10 countries. 


Training without the Travel, delivers the same high quality presentations without the high cost of the travel. Through her THANKS & GROW Rich Masterclass and her Law of Success Mastermind Groups, she works with you when you are ready to work, or during one of her scheduled events. 



And did you know that her entire Chart Your Course Coaching program that includes 12-Thanks & Grow Rich recordings  and the 365-day Manifesting Journal / Chart Your Course Planner is on sale today for a 50% discount, come see!!


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