(Alexandria, VA) Bloomberg meets Google Earth for every property across the U.S.

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Bloomberg meets Google Earth for every property across the U.S.

CREATE is intended to take the mass amounts of real estate data and make it accessible

An interview with Stefan Martinovic, Founder & CEO of CREATE 


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Founder & CEO: Stefan Martinovic graduated from the College of William and Mary in 2009, started out in finance and acquisition, stock analysis, and ended up in the real estate development world.

Stefan along with Ed Switzer, a city planner, and Laura Ferguson, an award winning engineer behind CNN’s election data technology platform created the company from the ground up. CREATE is the solution to those who spend countless hours, research, fact-finding, property data searching, pro-forma creating, analysis, number crunching and aligning all of that with economic development goals of a local community and government.

Name of your company? CREATE

How long have you been in business? CREATE was founded in 2011.

What is the mission of CREATE? To organize the world’s property data so that it is usable.


What is unique about your company? We have taken information that is otherwise available to the public and developed proprietary algorithms that allow search-ability, massive amounts of information on every parcel and property in a 3-D data-enriched mapping format.

What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning? The fact that my product is being used and taught as part the real estate curriculum at universities such as Georgetown, Johns Hopkins and George Washington University. The fact that professionals and students are using it to learn and grow in ways we may not even imagine yet and that it will change the landscape of the real estate industry in the future.


Can you name someone who has made a tremendous impact on you as a business leader? Alan Novak

Who is your target audience? We are a real estate tech company growing exponentially.  Architects, real estate professionals, developers, builders, university students, local government, EMS, fire and rescue, small businesses, investors both local and international and more.

What does it cost to use CREATE?  You can access it by going towww.create.io and there is and will always be a free version of our software, but you can also upgrade to premium for $100 a month to get additional and more advanced features including: unlimited filters when searching properties, commercial pro-formas and loan data, commercial tenant data, population and housing demographic data and the ability to export property data to .pdf and spreadsheets.

What are some examples and ways CREATE can be used? So many come to mind, such as the ability to source new investment deals with a click of a button, architects saving themselves and their employer millions in research and analysis, the ability to create an investment proforma with a couple clicks analyzing future property scenarios that will make an investor millions in profit. A user or developer will be able to type in an a property address and calculate it’s (IRR) Internal Rate of Return on that property, that is HUGE for investors and right now takes hours and hours of research and analysis.


Individuals and developers will be able to simply click a couple buttons and find out what a neighborhood demographic data is like and what the patterns of that neighborhood are in order to build businesses and homes that will service the consumers more efficiently. Attracting investors and developers to a property, analyzing the potential uses and rate of return is one way CREATE offers endless opportunities around the world.

For purposes of crowdsourcing, individuals or companies will be able to monitor news feeds where they will be able to tell who’s looking at what property and why. Those in the real estate industry will be able to search for a parcel/property across the U.S. zoned “x” that can be developed for maximum return and provide the various ways in which this can be done. This product is unlimited and more features are becoming available every month.

What has been your biggest set-back since starting the company? We really haven’t had any huge mistakes or set-backs. So far we have grown by word of mouth, meetings with individuals and organically with no paid advertising. This has been purposeful so that we can handle the growth when it comes. We are taking our time to create a solid foundation for our product so that it can expand seamlessly to every city across the U.S. and other countries.

What do you see as the biggest benefit to your target market? To make analyzing and understanding real estate as easy as clicking a button.

How is CREATE used to analyze socio-economics? We show patterns, demographic and city data all of which will assist our target market in servicing better, faster and more intuitive.  This includes historical data and projections on movements of people, conditions of housing stock, and the pipeline of development & investment going on around the city.

How do you plan to monetize your product now and in the future?  We know of more ways to monetize Create than we know what to do with, and are starting with premium subscriptions to advanced tools and data. As we grow, we’ll continue to cultivate lines of business including enterprise licensing, government contracting, advertising, and lead generation.

How can investors who hear about your company get involved? Our best partners and investors have been people who understand the needs of the real estate market because they’re active in it every day. As we continue to ramp up across the country, we’re continuing to engage investors across the country to raise capital that will fuel our expansion across the U.S. I’m always accessible if people believe they would be good partners for us, and can be reached directly at sm@create.io or at the office at 855-6-CREATE.

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