Why SMARTePLANS Has Better Property Marketing Than A Real Estate Agent

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The Short Answer is we have MORE Tools and BETTER Tools than Most Real Estate Agents

SP Tools

A quick peek at the drop-down TOOLS menu on our website shows we have a whole slate of patented products that others simply do not have.

They provide us the means to ATTRACT and  ENGAGE potential buyers and communicate to them an amazing amount of meaningful information about your property for sale ---- whether the buyer is around the corner --- or across the world.

Very few agents have this range and scope in their marketing as most agents rely upon  "putting it on MLS"  as the cornerstone of their marketing efforts.

Particularly if you have a luxury property ... your marketing needs to be MORE ... than "just putting it on MLS".


Does Better Marketing Really Make a Difference?


Our 12 Yr Report Card:

 $375 Million Dollars of Property Sold 21% Faster

Than the MLS Average --- with 24% Selling Over List Price

and An Average Sale Price of $ 1,041,501


Imagine ... THE AVERAGE... for over a period of 12 years, has nearly a quarter of the million dollar properties selling ABOVE list price. 


I work with top agents all over the city ... the agent changes ... the broker changes ... but the SMARTePLAN-driven results remain consistent ...through the "up" market, the "down" market and even the total melt-down of the market!!!


We invite you to explore the SMARTePLAN difference ... see samples on our website, investigate the Tools, Tips and Techniques we bring to the table and the Agents Who Use SMARTePLANS


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