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Edge Waves

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According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the simple definition of moving is “changing place or position; having a strong emotional effect; causing feelings of sadness or sympathy; and relating to the activity or process of moving to a different place to live or work”.


When it comes to moving, however, nothing is simple.  A mere mention of the word and most people cringe or panic at the thought of leaving the place they call home.  It is not only the physical act of packing but the emotional act of walking through each room and picturing someone else living there that creates an edge of anxiety.


As real estate agents, we don’t necessarily need a desk to be a successful agent.  It is the sense of community and industry chatter, however, that many agents seek when they join an office.  The blizzard of 2016 that roared along the east coast caused some damage to my office.  Even though all bottom drawers were emptied and files secured, the bay water flowed freely through the streets at high tide.  The office staff will move upstairs, some agents will use a different branch office and some will work from home.  It will be a temporary inconvenience and no clients and customers will be affected, but it will be different working from home.


I think all of those affected by power outages, rising flood water, icy roads and snow drifts.  I wonder how the occupants of the 500 cars stranded on the Pennsylvania Turnpike survived and stayed in good humor.  I praise all the doctors, nurses, medical professionals and first responders who left the warmth of their homes to tend to the needs of others and I realize the loss of desk space is a problem most would envy.


The Center for Applied Coastal Research describes edge waves as “water waves that are trapped at the shoreline by refraction.”  We all get trapped at some point by factors beyond our control and how we deal and help others at the same time makes all the difference.



John Meussner
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Love the mindset, Marilyn, and hope things get back to normal for you soon over there on the east coast!

Jan 25, 2016 07:13 AM
Marilyn O'Donoghue
Long & Foster Avalon - Avalon, NJ

Thank you John! We'll have to bring out our "Jersey Strong"

Jan 25, 2016 07:54 AM