An “Over The Top” Testimonial From A Very Happy Client

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"After doing a lot of research, we selected Adrienne to help us both buy a new home and sell our current townhouse. It has been a great decision for us. Adrienne is so knowledgeable, responsive, organized and is always so on top of everything.

When we originally met with Adrienne we had a general idea of what areas we were interested in (mainly the Morristown/Morris Township, Basking Ridge, Bernardsville, Mendham etc areas) but still needed to really narrow it down. She was knowledgeable on all the areas we were looking at and give us some good insight you would never have known unless you really knew the real estate market in those areas (for example, who knew people in Basking Ridge tend to update their homes more frequently than those out in Mendham or that some neighborhoods in Morristown are way more pricy for what you get than some others even in that same town?) She showed us a bunch of homes we requested to see that matched some of our criteria but after hearing everything on our “wish list,” she was the one who suggested a neighborhood, in the town we were interested in, that could be a good fit for us and which was where we ultimately found our new home.

As far as the buying process went, there was a good deal of miscommunication between the seller’s agent and seller (at no fault of anyone on our buyer side) which could have resulted in us walking away from the house, but Adrienne helped us work through what was at times a difficult buying process to ultimately purchase a great house. She made sure to stay on top of us and all other parties involved with the real estate sale whether it be our attorney, the seller’s agent etc to make sure the process went as smoothly as possible and to hopefully avoid any delays with our closing date. For example, she pulled the permits for our new house and made sure to keep following up with the seller’s agent to make sure they closed out anything still outstanding before the closing date. She also made sure to nudge our attorney along to make sure everything was all set on that end by the closing date as well.

As for the selling side, Adrienne was an invaluable resource to have. She gave us tons of staging, decluttering and cleaning tips (who knew how much of a difference having all your windows professionally cleaned, removing a few couches and a desk etc or having mums around as décor could make?)My husband was a little hesitant to make all the changes at first but even he was impressed after we followed all her suggestions and had the house all staged for sale. Our house looked great when it was time to take pictures and sell. It clearly worked as we were fortunate enough to have a full priced offer 20 days after we listed. What was also nice that she did was every time a realtor would show our house, Adrienne would follow up with them to get their thoughts and would forward along any feedback they gave to us.

I can also share numerous examples of her going above and beyond what was expected of her as our real estate agent. One small example is related to the home next door to our new home. This home had been in foreclosure for sometime and the landscaping had become quite overgrown and unsightly. Literally within days of her becoming aware of this, she had contacted the homeowners association who had someone come out and mow. She also kept us updated on the foreclosure process of that house and notified us as soon as she saw it had been sold. She also reached out to the head of the homeowners association to find out if they do any neighborhood activities and had him put a flyer in our mailbox to invite us to the Halloween party they had. Even on the day we were closing Adrienne was giving us advise. She had recently repainted her house and even shared with us the names of all the colors she had used to help us decide on paint colors for our new home.

As far as her responsiveness goes, we were pretty much always in text or email communication. We could always count on Adrienne to respond in a timely manner. This was even the case when she was on vacation in France while our house was listed. The offer on our house came into her sometime late on Saturday and she sent it along to us 3:30 am our time to make sure we had it in our inboxes first thing on the next morning. She was even texting us days later to make sure the attorney review process was going smoothly (really hope you actually got some time to relax while you were over there on vacation Adrienne!). Oh and if you ever need a contractor etc for anything, Adrienne more than likely knows someone who can help out (whether it be window cleaner, highly rated inspector, real estate attorney etc).

Overall we cannot say enough about how much Adrienne helped in our home search and sale. Thanks for all your help, Adrienne!" Nicole & Brent

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