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Credit Repair Results?

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I have recently posted results online at Credit Repair Results just click on any of the blue numbers to see the actual results.

Recently we have recently setup a back end system for our referral partners where they can track the progress of the clients that they have submitted to us for processing. This is a very important system as you will now know when your clients scores have increased to the amount needed.

We also launched a referral program where each client you send us that signs up for our service will earn you a $75 referral fee and if you send three or more clients a month you will receive $100.

About HPM Financial: Founded by a Realtor and Mortgage Broker, HPM Financial leads the credit repair industry with a industry high deletion ratio, money back guarantee, and an integrated Realtor/Loan Officer processing system. For more info go to Effective Credit or call (800) 701-5022 ext 1.