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3 Secrets Choosing a Productivity Coach?

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When I started real estate 30 years ago, I looked for a mentor (productivity coach) that had what I wanted. Things like a fancy car, big house, several income properties and a steady stream of business coming into the office. But what I didn't know was I wanted someone to do it for me and of course happiness.  A lifestyle that would be balanced in ALL areas of my life.  The biggest goal I had in my mind was an assistant to do the work for me. I did not have clear goals. Because I thought money would going to make all that happen and more, so I thought. After following my mentors advice and putting in 70 hour weeks and depleting my bank accounts I had it all! After thirty years I started reaping the rewards of real estate, then I burned out. Productivity was not one of my goals. Here's why.


I became obsessed with winning. I did not have balance. My mentor taught me that if I got 3 appointments for the next day I could go home. Of course one of three appointments would turn into a listing. While five listing a week could back then fetch me well over $25,000 a month I was going to be happier than any agent in town. I ran the show by doing whatever it took to get the next listing or sale. I was a winner in my own world, because I started with the WRONG goals in the beginning. So start with a clean sheet of paper.


Set Clear Goals

  • Have a clear (1-3-5-10 year) vision
  • Find your passion in your WHY to become a REALTOR
  • This is the secret #1 in goals...put it on paper, i.e., vision board, business plan etc.

Share your vision with everyone you know. It is essential that you have a one on one with your coach with your vision.  If it’s not a good fit you will know righ away by their response. Move on. It will be the best decision you will ever make in your life BECAUSE from there on you are modeling his/her suggestions whether you conscience of it or not. It is vital you take the time to interview several coaches. The right fit is just the opposite from you. (See Tony Robbins 30 page DISC profile) The best coach is one who leads you to the solution you’re visioning. Coaches usually are right in front of you. 



Picking a productivity coach is simple!

  • Have a budget on paper
  • Secret (hint) "have a partner (secret #2) to keep you accountable"
  • Then finally write out 30 questions to ask and be firm (e.g., it’s your life!)

Simple. Right? Don’t complicate it. Take baby steps which will lead to sprints. Soon you will be going along at a good pace. One thing you don't want is to get chin splints and burn out. Pick a coach and stay on course. Slow and steady.

Finally pick a coach that has done the work too (secret #3). If you need a motivator then call your boss or life partner. If you need a coach then look at his resume. He can motivate, but has he done the footwork to lead?  Written by Tom Songer

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