Real Estate Round Up: Articles Worth a Look January 2016

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Bill Gassett does a terrific job of putting together some of the best real estate content.  Here is a great compilation of articles for January.  There is always much we can learn from each other. 

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Top Real Estate Articles


Every month there are numerous real estate posts that are published all over the Internet that are missed by many people who really should see them.

Many of the members here rarely venture out of their comfort zone of Active Rain. For this reason I am bringing some of the best real estate content right here to you!

Take a look at these articles and if you find any of them helpful or enjoyable, please consider sharing them socially. There is a wealth of great content here from some really terrific real estate authors!

For Real Estate Agents

Things Real Estate Agents Do That Drive People Crazy.

One of the downsides of the real estate industry is the ease in which you can join the ranks. Considering Real Estate agents are dealing with either buying or selling someones largest asset it makes little sense how is easy it is to become one!

The fact that getting a real estate license is easy allows people in that should be doing something else. Some agents get little training and are thrown to the wolves.

This causes major problems for consumers and professional real estate agents alike. For this reason I have put together 20 things real estate agents do that everyone hates. Are you making one of these 20 blunders? If you are I guarantee you are annoying the heck out of those who are true professionals. Take a look at the numerous comments over on Linkedin where this has really been a hit. Feel free to leave your opinion as well. Are there any pet peeves you have about the unprofessional nature of some real estate agents?

How to Build a Real Estate Social Media Following.

When it comes to social media most real estate agents are lost. The average agent will join a social network and their first inclination is to share their latest listing. Why? I ask myself this question all the time.

Does the agent really think anyone cares about their listing but them? Hint...they don't! People don't go to social media sites to buy and sell homes.

What should a real estate agent being doing in social media? Great question that has a very simple answer - building relationships - building their brand - becoming memorable. Do you really think link dumping your latest listing does any of these things? They sure don't. In this article you can see how to build real estate social media relationships. By reading you will learn how to make meaningful connections that can help your business grow.

Mortgage and Finance Articles

Can My Mortgage Pre-approval Get Rejected?

When professional real estate agents begin working with a new buyer one of the first things they will do is ask for a mortgage pre-approval letter. This of course brings confidence to the home seller that the buyer is well qualified and is going to get their mortgage.

What many people however do not realize is the fact it is fairly easy to get denied a mortgage commitment after pre-approval. How can this possible be? In the article you will see six reasons where buyers can receive a pre-approval and have it revoked prior to closing. All buyers should be advised by their agent and mortgage broker not to make one of these mistakes.

Where to Get a Loan When Your Are Denied by a Mortgage Company.

There are times as a buyer where you may apply for a loan at a large mortgage company and find you are not able to get the loan. Getting denied can be even more prevalent when the loan is being sold on the secondary market. So where do you get a mortgage when the lender rejects you? In the article you will see a number of place you can turn to for financing alternatives.

What is Private Mortgage Insurance and How Do I Get Rid of it?

When buyers are purchasing their first home and are putting less than 20 percent down they quickly find out they need to pay what is known as private mortgage insurance or PMI for short. Lenders require borrowers to pay this fee as insurance in case the borrower defaults on the loan.

This fee has no benefit whatsoever to a home owner. Given this fact one of the more common questions from homeowners is when can I get rid of my private mortgage insurance. Take a look at a comprehensive review of what private mortgage insurance is and how it can be removed. If you own a home and have put less than a 20 percent down payment this will be well worth a read.

General Real Estate Articles

How does home automation affect home values?

This is a question that Anita Clark asks in her latest article. If you are like me then you probably enjoy the thought of some of the really neat technology that is coming to our homes. Over the last few years we have come a long way in terms of some the the cool gadgets being added to our daily lives.

Anita does a great job covering some of the latest home technology. What is your take? Do you see some of these things adding re-sale value in your area?

How to Buy a Vacation Home.

While the American dream for many is to own their own home, some set there sites on a higher goal of having a second property. For many this will be considered a vacation property. The place where you will be able to escape when you want to get away from it all.

Buying a vacation home however is not the same as your stand purchase. There are a number of things as a buyer you should be aware of which Rochester New York Real Estate agent, Kyle Hiscock, does an amazing job of covering.

Should I Seem My Home Now or Wait Until Spring.

Once the new year rolls around one of the things many owners will ask a Realtor is whether or not they should sell their home now or wait until Spring. In this article Raleigh North Carolina Real Estate agent, Ryan Fitzgerald, asks this question to a number of excellent real estate agents throughout the country. What would be your advice? See what some other have to think about this subject.

Best Real Estate Round-Ups

Here are a few of the top Real Estate Round-Ups over the last two months.

Some of the best places to find awesome real estate content are in round-ups. All the hard work is done for you as the author has typically assembled a great compilation of articles. Over the last couple months I have been fortunate to see three excellent real estate round-ups that feature numerous top real estate bloggers.

The first comes from Paul Sian, a Cincinatti Real Estate agent, who details the best real estate blogs of 2015. Take a look and see some really fine authors blogging about a variety of topics.

You can also see 5 terrific real estate blog posts featured at Behance. Topics include how to select a real estate agent, tips for buying a first home, and how to sell a home in the winter, among a few others.

Next up is the best real estate articles on Google+ for December 2015. Every month a guest author puts together a compilation of the best real estate content found on Google+. There are a number of great authors featured in these monthly highlights.

Last but not least Kyle Hiscock has his put together yet another gem with his top blog articles from 2015. This one has so many great real estate bloggers featured. I would highly recommend checking this one out.

Take a moment out of your daily Active Rain reading and have a look at a few of these articles. I know you won't be disappointed!


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