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Thursday Thoughts...4/24/08

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It is turning into a beautiful Spring here in Alaska.  The temperatures here at our house have reached 60 the last few days!  The sun is out when I get up and still there when I go to sleep!  I LOVE IT!

Along with Spring comes the bears!  They have been waking out of their winter sleep over the past few weeks and yesterday this article was in the paper:


The first bear mauling of the year according to this article. 

For those new and moving to the area there are a few things you can learn from this young man.  First, PLEASE...never, never, never leave out food or dog food.  Store it in a tightly closed container in the garage and put it out for pick up just before the garbage pick up arrives or take it to the dump in a timely manner.  You might even be careful not to have food in your car.  We have seen many times when bear decide to tear a car apart to get at the food.  NEVER have your dog food or dog bowl out in the yard.  My neighbors did that and the bears learned to open the gate to get at the dog food.  The other thing you might learn from this young man is not to run from a bear.  You are to stand your ground and then, if the bear continues to attack you, you are to play dead.  Evidently this young man turned and ran.  Most times momma bear with cubs will want to scare you and may even bite or hit you, but then will leave.  They are usually defending their cubs and are not there to eat you.  So, stand your ground if you can and then play dead and hopefully you will come away intact! LOL

On to Real Estate...interest rates were up just a bit yesterday to 6.25.  Still great rates from a Realtor stand point.  Anything under 7% is a great rate.  If you were thinking of buying and haven't taken the first steps of pre-qualification, you might want to get that done.  Annie Davenport at HomeState Mortgage Co is awesome.  I work closely with Annie and trust her to do the best job for my clients.

Take advantage of this beautiful weather to get out there and see what is on the market.  Check out my website for all of my listings! www.dodykettler.com

Just listed a great little ranch with a view in Palmer.  It won't last long.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Jesse Clifton
Jesse Clifton & Associates - Fairbanks, AK

Hi, Dody - I read about the poor guy that got mauled this morning.  I've run into a few over the years at the lodge and holding your ground is a difficult thing to do.  Luckily I've never had any really close encounters. 

We've been in the high 50's up here for the past few days... although that's supposed to change tomorrow and Saturday.  I'm so ready for summer. 

Apr 24, 2008 10:02 PM
Dody Kettler, REALTOR
Jack White Real Estate - Palmer, AK
Know the Realities...Find the Dreams

Well, I am not sure I could stand my ground!  I hope to never have a close encounter.  But last night we had a great young bull moose decide to take a nap in our yard.  Although we didn't get too close we got some great pictures and video of him enjoying our trees and resting.  Oh, life in Alaska!

Cloudy and rainy here today.  It is a nice change and we can certainly use the moisture.

Have a great Fairbanks weekend Jesse!

Apr 25, 2008 01:37 AM