Is Spring Time for selling in Temecula?

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Everybody knows spring time is for selling houses in Temecula CA... 92592 January 2016 inventory trends

But let's examine this idea - 
First off, it is a fact that LOTS of homes come on the market in the spring and many buyers come out to purchase homes. 

Now, if there are homes for sale, but more buyers, there tend to be a bit of a run on the homes, driving prices up, this is good for the seller and can be a bit frustrating for the buyer. 

To get an idea about what the market is doing, you can look here at the Mini Market Stats 
This one is for the lower Temecula, but you can change to your preferred zipcode for your local result.

As you can see, inventory in the fall was higher, sales were slower and sell through were slower, so properties would simply take longer to sell. then a number of properties are taken off market for the holidays or delay the listing, which now shows as lower inventory. Meanwhile, more buyers are coming out and driving sales and prices. 

So, with many buyers and prices moving up, it is a good time to sell your home. 


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