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Feb 2, 2016 Del Oro, Clearwater Fl

Shown below in the Del Oro Real Estate Market Trends report.

Located immediately south of Safety Harbor, FL the Del ORo community location offers easy access to Tampa via the nearby Courtney Campbell Causeway. Comprised of approximately 390 single family homes, Del Oro has proved to be a favored location with access to amenities such as East/West and Bayshore Blvd walking and biking trails and access to Tampa Bay. Soon to be connected to the pathway on the Courtney Campbell Causeway. That would be a 15 mile bike ride to downtown Tampa.



The chart below represents data from 2004 to 2016. The data was obtained from the Mid Florida Regional MLS and no changes to the data has been made. Foreclosures and distressed sales ARE included.

Two sales have been completed in 2016. Do not let these last data points on the chart mislead you.

The data shown in the above chart shows:

  • 20% increase in Avr Sold Price from 2014 to 2015
  • Average Days On Market (ADOM) increase 2015 end
  • Average Sold Price increase 2015 end
  • Average Sold Price Square Foot (SP/SF) 6% increase 2015 end



  1. The trends suggest this community is or will begin to experience price challenges resulting ina increase in ADOM
  2. Mobility has NOT reached the before crash level
  3. Strong initiative continues regarding homeowners willing to move and is anticipated to continue for another 4 years
  4. Two sales completed in Jan 2016. Currently 2 active and 3 pending sales.

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A homeowner in Del Oro may want to calculate the value of their home by multiplying the square feet of their home by the sold price per square feet ($149). This will produce a number some would suggest as the value of the house. The problem with that is since the house may have been constructed in approximately 1974, it is extremely likely many changes, improvements, replacements have occurred. Without taking these elements into consideration, the above calculation will be very misleading.

Unfortunately, the home value models available to the home owner does not allow the home owners input to derive a value. That process seems UPSIDE DOWN to me!

That is where CIS SCORE turns the process RIGHT-SIDE UP, allowing the home owner to SCORE the ELEMENTS that determine the value of the house.
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CIS Score is a revolutionary way of calculating the value of a house. The owner provides an objective SCORE of ten home elements. 
Those elements cover
  1. Cosmetic presentation of the house
  2. Investment made by the owner
  3. Systems in the house. 
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