Lake Ridge Virginia Is A Great Place To Live

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Lake Ridge Virginia Is A Great Place To Live

Lake Ridge is a lovely community just 20 miles south of Washington DC, featuring parks, pools, shopping, schools, and great restaurants all within the community.  Lake Ridge was Developed by Ken Thompson and Associates, beginning in the 1970's as a planned community that would be a destination community for folks who work in the Washington DC region.

This author moved to a new Pulte built home in Lake Ridge in 1983, purchased with a 14% interest rate for $105,000.  My goodness how things have changed.  The prices are higher, the interest rates are much lower, and the payments are about the same.

Lake Ridge is located at the eastern end of Prince William County, just across the Occoquan River from Fairfax County.  Prince William gives you lower house prices and lower real estate taxes as compared to Fairfax County.  So just crossing the Occoquan River makes living more affordable.  If you're driving down I-95, you take the Route 123 north exit, then turn left on to Old Bridge Road at the second light.  In three miles you'll pass the entrance monument into Lake Ridge.  

Lake Ridge was developed from east to west on the north and south sides of Old Bridge Road.  Ken Thompson invited some of the best home builders to build homes in Lake Ridge,  Sorenson Homes, Long Homes, Fairfield Homes, Van Meter Homes, Pulte Homes, and Carr Homes are some of the more popular builders that built Lake Ridge.  Their sections were split up across Lake Ridge so there wouldn't be huge tracts of look alike homes.  Homes are built in clusters with green space in between.

There are miles and miles of walking paths that run through the green spaces between clusters of homes in Lake Ridge.  The trails are ideal for a quiet stroll or an afternoon run.  The trails connect to sidewalks along the main roads.

There are five elementary schools in Lake Ridge, one middle school, and one high school.  The elementary schools are set deep inside the neighborhoods, and there are lots of kids who get to walk to school.  Those who don't walk take a short bus ride.  My older daughter attended kindergarten through third grade at Lake Ridge elementary school, and she rode the bus every day with her cousin, Katie.  Lake Ridge Middle School and Woodbridge High School are placed in the center of Lake Ridge.  There are a lot of walkers, and a lot of kids ride busses.

Shopping is plentiful in Lake Ridge.  There are five shopping centers anchored by grocery stores strategicaly placed throughout the community.  You're never more than a five minute car ride from a grocery store.  All of the major brands are in Lake Ridge, like Safeway, Giant Food Lion, and just four miles west of Lake Ridge is Harris Teter.  Each grocery store is in a shopping center with other services like pharmacies, dry cleaners, walk-in health clinics, hair salons, neighborhood restaurants, McDonalds, Subway, Panera Bread, and many more.

Lake Ridge Parks and Recreation Association (LRPRA) is supported by dues paid by home owners within Lake Ridge.  LRPRA maintains five swimming pools throughout Lake Ridge that are open Memorial Day through Labor Day.  LRPRA also maintains a lakeside park and marina at the north end of Smoketown Road, with a boat launch ramp, boarts and canoes for rent, paddle boats for rent, and a dock where you can launch your own canoe or kayak.

Next to the lakeside park is a 9-hole par 3 golf course and a driving range that is ideal to play when you want to work on your irons.  The golf course is at the north end of what used to be the runway at the old Woodbridge Airport.  I learned how to fly, and earned my Private Pilot's license at the old Woodbridge Airport in 1980.  The land was sold by the owner, Charlie Benn, to a commercial land developer in 1989, and that land is now covered with a shopping center, townhouses, apartments, and condominiums.

Lake Ridge is popular with folks who work in or near downtown Washington DC because there are so many convenient ways to get to and from work without trudging along the slow lanes on I-95.  The trick is to get into the HOV fast lanes in a carpool, a vanpool, on a bus, or on a motorcycle.  Don't have enough people for a carpool?  No problem.  Just swing by one of the park and ride lots and pick up some slugs who are going where you're going.  What are slugs?  Slugs are riders you can pick up who will help you create a carpool.  Or, you can be a slug!  Park your car at the park and ride lot, stand in the line for your destination, when your turn comes up, just hop in the next car that drives up and off you go.  No fare, no fee, no paying for gas.  I know lots of people who have been slugging for over 15 years.

Do you belong to a club, have a hobby, play a sport, or have a special interest?  You'll find folks just like you in Lake Ridge.  Over 20,000 souls live in Lake Ridge, participating in all sorts of hobbies, sports, and activities.  You are sure to find folks you can join and enjoy time with in Lake Ridge.

You can use my website to look for houses in Lake Ridge, see how much home you get for your money, and check out floor plans.  In the LOCATION blank, enter the Lake Ridge zip code, 22192, then enter your price range, bedrooms and baths.

If you find Lake Ridge intriguing, and you want to talk about it with someone who has lived there, call me, Erick Blackwelder, 703-677-1120.  I have owned three houses in Lake Ridge, and raised two lovely daughters there because we really like the schools.  I'd be happy to visit with you.  703-677-1120.

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