How to sell your Temecula Home FAST!

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As you know - Spring is a great time to sell your Temecula home. This is due to the demand of buyers, which always seem more pressing after the slow holiday season. 

Even when the market is moving fast, we see some instances where homes sell in a week or two, and some that take months if they ever sell. 

What is the difference between these types of homes selling? And why do some Temecula homes sell fast?

Here are a few factors that play a role: 

  • Pricing -
    • Watch the sold comparables, look at what sold, not what is on the market - just because it is listed at a price, does not mean that is the market value.
    • Agressive pricing means buyers will see a deal and you may see multiple offers driving the price up. 
    • Over pricing means you will get a few lowball offers (although they may be in line with actual market values).
  • Condition - 
    • Make neccesary repairs - nobody wants to buy a place that needs work - unless it is a great deal.
    • Keep clean and ready to show - showing notices don't always come with a lot of notice, so just keep it ready. 
    • Stage a few rooms if possible - if you have a formal dining room or living room - set place settings and make it look inviting. 
    • KEEP THE GRASS GREEN!!! I know, I know - it is drought season, however, when you pull up to a house with dead grass - the buyers starts the showing with a negative, make that a positive instead. 
  • Marketing - 
    • Putting a sign in the yard and calling it marketing doesn't work. 
    • Make sure your agent actually knows how to market, the MLS system used by Realtors will send to most websites, but it sends a bare minimum. Ask how they market on the internet. 
    • Pictures - ASK to see past images - if the agent uses a cell phone, insist on them using a pro photographer - if they don't have a good reason why not - think about it. 
    • Other marketing - ASK what else they do to promote your home - does it go on the front page of google? 
  • Commission - 
    • Ok, this one is a bit sensitive, but here goes - There are no set % of what commission should be - that would be price fixing. 
    • That said - ask you agent to show you what houses are listed for, compare expired vs sold homes and time to sell - then look at the commissions offered... It is a bit clarifying. 
    • Raising the buyers agent commission can make your property more attractive to agents, getting you more showings... 

More showings = more offers. 


If you have questions about how to sell your Temecula home fast, please call, email or text me and I will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. 


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