Welcome Home grant opens March 1st 2016

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Its time again for the annual “Welcome Home” grant program. The program opens this year on March 1st at 8 am and offers up to $5,000 for low and moderate income homebuyers in Ohio and Kentucky.  The grant can be used for down payment assistance and/or closing cost assistance for the purchase.

The “Welcome Home” grant is a program offered by the Federal Home loan Bank of Cincinnati through its participating institutions. Each institution receives $200,000 to offer as grant assistance.  Since the funds are available on a First Come /First Serve basis it is highly recommended that preparations be made prior to March 1st when possible.

Things to Know:

  • Buyers must meet income guidelines. In Central Ohio income limits are $56,800 for a 1-2 person household and $65,320 for a household of 3+ County Income limits

  • Must be in contract on property (grant application is property specific and can not be transferred)

  • You must have a signed loan application with an authorized lender Start Here

  • Buyer must have $500 of their own funds for the transaction but $300 of that amount can be a gift

  • Available with most loan types: Conventional, FHA, VA and our CHAMP No MI 5% down program.

  • Property Type of Single Family, Condominium, 2-4 unit property

  • Not required to be a first time homebuyer (Can't currently own home)

  • First time homebuyers must complete a homebuyers education class

  • Borrower can't get any money back at closing (Not even earnest money)

  • Not available for homes in need of significant repair

  • First time buyers may also qualify for an annual tax credit program of up to $2,000/ year which I offer


Homebuyers can complete an online application at

Brent Diebert  NMLS 461421