What is the MLS and Why is it so Important to YOU, the Seller?

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Well, first things first, MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service and this is a database for real estate that provides information and the status about a home, land or commercial property.  This database is actually private and is maintained and paid for by real estate professionals.  So, why is it so important to you then as the Seller?  After all, you don't input anything into this database, you don't see the database and you don't pay for this database.

There are a lot of little reasons why, but the most important reason is that it is YOUR property's introduction to other REALTORS®, other people in the real estate industry and especially the PUBLIC!  It is the beginning and can also be the end of someone wanting to see your home.  The details that are included on your MLS sheet help REALTORS® as well as the public determine if your property has what they need.  This includes special features, measurements and most importantly PICTURES.   The information provided in the MLS is what feeds out to all those public websites the consumer uses, like realtor.com, Zillow and Trulia.

Our MLS will allow up to 36 pictures, so why are there so many listings that have only one or no pictures? Remember that most people are visual.  They need to see a picture in order to determine if the property will be appealing.  A description helps, but the public wants to see what the property looks like first.  For the majority of REALTORS® and public alike, if there are no pictures, then they just skip right through your place. And, by the way, blurry pictures are just as bad.   They are doing nothing to entice someone to want to see your home.  If your property has been previously for sale, do you know how others saw it online?  Did you ask your REALTOR® for a copy of your MLS sheet?

Do be PRO-ACTIVE and get involved with your REALTOR®.  Provide him or her with helpful information. After all, you have lived there and know what is best about it!  Did you buy it because it is close to a great school?  Maybe you fell in love with the back porch and your view of the evening's beautiful sunset! These are little things that can help an agent write a great description about your property that will provide the motivation for people to want to see it.

In essence, the MLS is important to you as the Seller because it provides a brief, but hopefully tempting preview of your property.  With an excellent description, good pictures and a list of your home's great features, your property will stand out from the crowd and not get lost among all the other properties that are out there for sale.    


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