MLS pictures and pet peeves

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MLS pictures and  my pet peeves:

Ok, if I have to look at more MLS picture of a bathroom with the toliet lid up, I think I am going to scream.  It takes one second to lower the toliet lid before taking the picture.  OR is their object to show how clean the toilet bowl is?     

Toilet lid up    I don't get it. 


Is the close up photo of some area such as the wall behind the stove meant to showcase that area??   Unless it is spectacular for its design or feature, I don't get it. 


Also what's with taking your listing photos with your CELL PHONE?   The quality is never good.

         I don't get it.               



                                                      sideways toliet              

          Sideways photos.  Does the listing agent go back and look at their listing??? 

Does the homeowner not search the internet to see how well their listing agent has advertised their home???   I don't get it.

Last but not least:  not enough photos.   Our MLS allows 25 photos.

 Even if the home is not in the best of condition, please put in plenty of photos.  Having plenty of photos helps me and my clients decide to view or not view.  And that saves everyone time. The fact that pictures having few or missing pictures may actually cost you a viewing or maybe time.  If your property has features  you prefer not to stress in the listing  doesn't mean not having a picture will entice someone to come to view and make them accepting of that feature. 

The other point with pictures is having a variety.  Clients may be looking for plenty of trees in the back yard or maybe only a few trees or maybe a paved drive with those features as a must have.  It helps narrow the search if your listing has those pictures available.  Not only does it save the seller time and hassle to not have a unfruit viewing but it saves the buyer's time also.  

 It is not a selling feature to not put many photos on the MLS. I get it with vacant lots; how many pictures can you take of ground and trees?  But even then do more than one;  take pictures from different angles.

In the past, we have also on some of our high end listings used a virtual tour company and then they produce the photos from their photography.  Where we compared our photos with our cameras (we use 2 cameras and take about 100 pictures per home) theirs were a bit better but I don't know that they were superbly better.

There is a new breed of photographers in the San Antonio area. I have to say they do a spectacular job.  When you see the MLS listing with their photos you think they are paintings they are so nicely composed and the lighting is unbelievable.  NO dark spots, no shadows just clean crisp photos.  The amazing part is their price.  It is worth it for the quality of the pictures. 

I have decided that my listings are going to have those photos.  Even on the lower end properties because it will be worth it to have them stand out from the other listings.  And it is a much better presentation. 

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