7 Must Have Traits of a South Tampa Real Estate Agent

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7 Must Have Traits of a South Tampa Real Estate Agent


Picking a real estate agent who specializes in Sunset Park homes for sale in South Tampa can be challenging. It is not just a business; it is also a personal relationship so you should make sure you’re getting into a good one. Here are 7 traits that you should be looking for when evaluating agents:

Here are the top traits of an excellent South Tampa real estate agent.

1. Has Local Knowledge

If you want to sell your home fast, you need to work with a real estate agent who has recent sales experience and success at selling South Tampa homes for sale in Sunset Park. Working with a beginner or someone who has never sold a home in your area may work to your disadvantage. If you want quick results, choose the best man or woman for the job.


2. Has connections and representation

Agents who have connections and representations usually come to a home with a list of prospective buyers. They are also working with a realty agency that has good reputation and track record. Work with a real estate agent who knows other realtors in your area and are willing to collaborate with others if that is needed to secure a sale faster.


3. Has knowledge of technology

When choosing a real estate agent to help sell your property, look for someone who can use technology with ease. An tech-savvy agent is going to be more up-to date on the market in the area.  This agent can also use technology to reach a wider circle of buyers looking for South Tampa real estate for sale in Sunset Park.


4. Has good communication skills

It is stressful to work with an agent who has problems with communication. Keep in mind that the real estate market is sensitive so you need a real estate agent who will let you know at once where you stand with your selling situation. It is very important for agents to stay in constant contact with their clients and customers. This will allow you to make the necessary decision and steps.


5. Has an excellent track record

If you want to find the best agent, use his past clients as references. A good real estate agent will not hesitate to give you their last 5 clients as references. Ask for testimonials or statements from their previous clients he had worked with. This will give you an idea on his experience in dealing with your local market.


6. Has flair and good grooming

You will want to work with a real estate agent that puts his best foot forward. After all, you have worked hard to prepare your home and make sure it is ready when buyers come. Choose an agent who is confident but not too overwhelming. A good agent will make prospective buyers feel at ease.


7. Has excellent execution skills

Look for a real estate agent who has the ability to focus on the task at hand and see that task to completion. Work with an agent who follows up quickly after every time your home is shown. A good agent will be persistent, but not pushy. They keeps track of people and understands the importance of timing.


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This is a helpful list for home buyers. Informative and very well done. Thanks for sharing!

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