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As we have moved around the house starting with the entry and making our way to the Master Bedroom area, we find ourselves in the Master Bathroom.  On all the Home Improvement shows on TV, this room is supposed to be your retreat, your spa, but is that what yours really looks like?  Or has it turned in to the Assistant Laundry Room, Home Emergency Room and General Catch All for what you just haven’t put up lately?

Let’s get organized!  Turn that room back in to a place to relax and get ready for the day.

Starting with those three baskets, one for trash, one for give aways and one to be moved somewhere else in the home; empty all the cabinets in your bathroom.

  • Empty and sort all the cabinets in the bathroommessy bath cabinet
  • Wipe down all insides of cabinets and shelves.
  • Decide whether you need more organizational containers
  • PURGE! Have you not used it in 12 months, is it almost empty, you just don’t need it, is it past the expiration.  Pitch!
  • Did you check under the sink, could some of those cleaners be obsolete as well?
  • Check out the linens and towels and decide on what to keep and not keep.
  • Using your new organizational tools, categorize items together so you aren’t looking everywhere for the antibiotic gel only to find it several tubes in the makeup drawer.  

Now that didn’t take long did it?  Light a candle, grab a book and take a bubble bath.  You deserve it!


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