Kidtopia at Keystone Ski Resort

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Kidtopia at Keystone Ski Resort is in full swing for the winter season and is bigger and more fun than ever!  As our temperatures are rising and and the days are becoming longer, there is nothing like fun in the snow and sun this time of year in Colorado!

Since late November, Keystone Ski Resort has offered a full regiment of engaging and stimulating outdoor and indoor events, activities, recreations and pass-times that are great for kids and tons of fun for the entire family!  


Children at the magical land of Kidtopia are invited to explore the World's Largest Snow Fort that sits atop Dercum Mountain, meet the Keystone Avalanche Rescue Dogs, paint, play and pass their glorious winter days away making friends and learning all kinds of new things!


Kidtopia at Keystone Ski Resort will host awesome activities for children of all ages seven days a week through the remainder of the ski season! Come bring the little ones and participate in these entertaining events and delightful pass-times all the way into mid April!


Daily activities for the kids will include Cookie Hour everyday at 4:00 pm, the perfect Apres indulgence for the munchkins!  Ice cream socials with Riperoo, Sacavenger Hunts, launching snowballs and Big Foot Adventures are just a few of the exciting activites the kids will love! A little extra chilly?  Painting inside along with movies and WII tournaments are also available for the days the wee ones want to stay inside!  The kids will also enjoy having special kiddo themed DJ parties on the ice rink in the River Run Village for a goovin good time!


Visit the Kidtopia at Keystone Ski Resort's page for a full itinerary of daily activities and special winter events for the kids!


Check out this fun video produced by the Keystone Ski Resort to get a feel for all the awesome that is Kidtopia!  

Hope you can get the kids out there for some winter fun in the sun!  

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