What If You Added 60 Deals to Your Biz This Year?

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I had a blast traveling around Pennsylvania, New Jersey and beautiful Upstate New York this week. One of my favorite things to do when I’m working with agents is to play a fun game called “The What If Game!” This game is a fun exercise that allows us to see what’s possible in our business without the stress of having to commit to anything, so I thought I’d share it with you in this week’s Coffey with Karen.

Get a sheet of paper and write the # of transactions you would stand to gain each month if the statements were true. Example: What if I was amazing at calling For Sale By Owners? Answer: I would stand to gain 4 listings a month. Just write down the #4 next to the question.

Let’s begin:

▢ You organized your database? (Assuming of course that you use one! :) How many deals could that add a month? #_______(5 maybe?)
  •  You did 1 of my “6-figure Open Houses” a month? How many deals could that add a month? #_______ (not your typical Open House that most agents do. (once a month you would add minimum 5)

▢ (Karen’s System for earning 6 Figures from just 1 Kick Ass Open House) How many deals could that add a month? #_______

▢ You attended 1 networking, or group meeting a week and asked “The 5 Magic Questions of Networking” of everyone there?      How many deals could that add a month? #______ (8? 2 a week)

▢ You hosted 2 Client Appreciation Parties a year? #_______ (10 and event)

▢ You hosted 1 Housewarming Party a month? #_______ (5 a month)

▢ You did effective On-Line Lead Generation? #_______ (4 a month)

▢ You called FSBO’s, Expireds, Landlords & sent a Killer Pre-List or Pre-Buyer Packet? #_______ (1 on the low end a week)

▢ You invested in a coach or mentor that keeps you focused and accountable to your committments and income goals you've made and can tell you exactly how to make it happen How many deals could that add a month? #_______ (add all of the above, because chances are you wont do it on your own ;)

TOTAL the # of deals you could add a year ________

(Let me do the math for you...356 leads, 25% do business with you = $301,000 for the year. 

This is what our agents are seeing...so what is holding you back from doing those things listed above?

No, Really…..take a minute and ask yourself “Why am I NOT doing these things?”

Is it lack of time management, lack of leverage, lack of skill, lack of know how? What is it?

Write it down and find a way to fix it today! Not tomorrow, today!

Stop tolerating less than what you deserve… YOU deserve a well-oiled, beautifully polished machine you call your business. 

What if you were to take the time RIGHT NOW and make the changes your business needs?


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